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(Be On Leave)
Autumn explained to Nancy, "I don't know what happened between you and you son, but you are a member of Lu family. 

So if you are in trouble, remember to seek Charles' help. I believe he will give you a helping hand without any hesitation."   

 Autumn thought it was Nancy's status of housemaid that impacted Nancy's relationship with her son after a long separation.     

"You..." Nancy trailed. She was overwhelmed with remorse and regret for her crime, because especially, Autumn gave her the red envelope to relieve her trouble at the Eve.    

 "Your kindness is too big for me to accept!" Nancy was shameful, "I remember my not having made it easy for you when you married into Lu family. 

You have every reason to hate me instead!"  

"Your concern is absolutely unnecessary!" Autumn looked at Nancy in bewilderment. "You deserve my support, as you are a devoted member of this family. Be sure to ask for our supports in case of any trouble!"    

Meanwhile, Abby's arrival was announced. Nancy promptly opened the door for her without wasting a moment.     
Abby suspected Nancy of drugging Autumn and escorted Autumn back to the bedroom and warned her, "Autumn, you better keep Nancy at a distance."   

 "May I ask the reason?" Autumn was perplexed and said, "I was just chatting with her. I think there is no harm in doing so."   

 "Please pay heed to my advice. Nancy may be a suspect," Abby spoke in anger.     
"It is not possible!" Autumn smiled and explained it to Abby, "Nancy has devoted herself to Lu family for so many years. I find it impossible to believe that she drugged me. If Charles heard what you just said, he would become offended."  

"Autumn, you are too kind!" Abby sighed. "Drop the matter. Come, let's enjoy the meal."    

Abby feared Autumn would be hurt by someone with ulterior motives, as Autumn expected nothing but good from others.     

Charles occupied himself with public duty, when David entered his office. "Mr. Lu, I do not see the advantage of your absence in so many businesses."   

 "I have to remain absent from the office due to the present instance." Autumn's poor condition, at that moment, affected Charles deeply. Charles spoke to David while packing his documents, "You have to take care to maintain our company's day to day operation. You need to bring some important documents to Dream Garden for my signature. I will come back when Autumn is better."    

"I know what to do." David nodded and managed to ask Charles, "Mr. Lu, may I... take the liberty to ask...."  

Charles guessed what was in David' mind and replied, "I have dismissed Leila to put an end to the rumors and avoid Autumn's unnecessary suspicions."    

Charles rose from his chair and continued, "You and Alice have to survive this layoff period till the time someone else is appointed for the post. If Leila comes to make trouble again, you should be able to handle it."    

"It is my duty." David escorted off Charles. Charles arrived home shortly after Abby left. Nancy gazed at Charles in the living room. Assuming that Nancy wanted to speak to him, Charles asked, "Nancy, do you have something to tell me?" Nancy was pacing forth and back, looking worried.    

 "I...." Nancy was about to speak but ended up swallowing it. She said, "Nothing. I will cook something for you if you are hungry."  

"No." Charles shook his head. He was disappointed to see that Nancy was still not ready to admit her mistake, "Nancy, from now on, you are not allowed to cook. Just carry on with the cleaning job instead."   

 "Why? Is there anything wrong?," Nancy asked. Charles gave an order to Nancy right away. Nancy realized that her crime got exposed finally.     

"Just do as I order you." Charles dismissed Nancy roughly and then went upstairs to find Autumn. After taking a bath, Autumn changed into a pair of pajamas and lied on the bed reading a parenting book.     

Charles took off the suit and asked Autumn, "How are you feeling this afternoon? Any sign of pain anymore?" 

   "I am feeling fine." Autumn shook her head gently. "Have you completed your work in your office?"    

"Too many tasks to complete! I have brought documents back home to work on. You go to sleep first. I have to work overnight," Charles replied gently.   

"It, indeed, pains me to see you work overnight!" Autumn felt guilty for that. Had it not been for her poor condition, Charles would not have taken leave from office.    

 At that moment, Isla was given the full authority to run Cloud Advertising Company. As for Shining Company...  

   "My lovely wife, what are you murmuring?" Autumn loved to talk idly with Charles when she was sound. "Today I learned of Nancy's dire troubles when chatting with her."    

"Chatting with Nancy?" Charles was displeased to hear that and asked Autumn calmly, "I don't think you need to chat with her." 

   "I am too bored not to kill time by chatting with her from which I found the relationship between Nancy and her son.... is not quiet smooth. Is it true?" Autumn asked Charles.   

Charles nodded gently. "Nancy's son was left to her husband when they divorced. Now, he is thirty years old and still unmarried. Over and above, he is indulging in gambling and smoking. His father did not educate him well. The son is making every attempt to demand money from Nancy."    

"Her ex-husband and son are definitely bringing misfortune upon Nancy." Autumn expressed her sympathy towards Nancy.     

"My lovely wife, all you need to do is to take good care of our baby." Charles said to Autumn, "Please do not bother about others' businesses."   

 "I am just killing my time." Autumn talked to Charles, "Thanks to Nancy, a devoted member of our family, I find it tolerable to stay at home."    

Autumn mentioned it to Charles, "At the Eve, I heard Nancy made an anxious call downstairs. From the call, I learned of Nancy's family trouble, so I gave her the lucky money my family gave me to relieve her from the situation."  

"You mean.. Nancy was in need of financial help? charles asked thoughtfully.

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