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(Are suspicious of me)

This was all she ever dreamed of and all she wanted for herself.     

"Well, that sounds right." The man smiled grimly and pinched Leila's chin, taking a glimpse at her face under the dim light. 

A second later, he said with satisfaction, "You look pretty. I like it."    

Leila remained motionlessly since she was gripped by fear not knowing his intentions. She was afraid the man would snap her neck if he got irritated and was not pleased by what she said. 

    Slowly, the man put down his hands and loosened his grip. Gazing at Leila, he addressed her in a vicious tone, "If you really want to be with Charles, then you have to listen to me and follow my directions carefully, or..."    

However, before the man could finish his sentence, Leila interrupted him after seconds' hesitation. "Are you serious? Do you really get a way to let me be with Charles?" Though frightened, Leila still wanted to ensure if the man was telling the truth.   

"Of course I am not joking," replied the man with a sneer. "I promise you that you could be with him within half a year as long as you would follow my words. Just wait and watch," he added.    

 "Okay, I will make the deal with you." 

Leila replied without any hesitation, when she heard this assurance from the man, especially as she got fired today and had not other hope.    

 Now that Charles dismissed her, Leila had no chance to get close to him at all. 

If she wanted to be with him, the only choice was to obey the man standing in front of her.  He was the last straw that could save her from drowning alone.   

  "What do you want me to do?" Leila asked in a resolute tone; she had made up her mind.     

She would like to do anything as long as she could be with Charles.   

"Good girl, I like the sound of your determination!" After hearing this from Leila, the man patted her face with great content. "Go back and submit your resignation letter. Finish the handover procedure today itself. Then you could go back home and have a good rest. But you have to keep your phone alive all day long and I will call you if necessary. 

Remember that."   

 "That's it?" Shocked by the man's words, Leila widened her eyes as she didn't expect things would be so smooth. She did trust the man a moment ago, but now she began to be suspicious as to how things could unfurl in her favor so simply.     

"Are you doubting me?" The man looked severe as he sensed the growing suspicioun in her eyes. "The most annoying thing in my life is to be suspected by others. And I don't hope it will happen again," he said in a harsh voice.     

"No... That is not what is happening." Leila hastily explained. She was frightened by the man's fierce eyes and she was so afraid that she would annoy him which could lead him to kill her.   

"That's enough." The man turned back impatiently and added, "Just follow my words. Don't try to badger with Charles during this period. I will call you when it is necessary and do not try to contact me otherwise."   

 "Lead her out," said the man in a loud voice. As soon as he finished speaking, the large iron gate opened while two men in black suit walked in, and started taking steps towards Leila.     

Just when they were about to cover her eye with a black strip of cloth, Leila blurted out in a hurry, "How can I contact you, if the situation warrants it?"    

"There is no need for you to contact me. I will call you. That is all that you need to know," replied the man indifferently. As he was done with his sentence, the man said nothing more and remained silent.   

  Leila could do nothing but let them cover her eyes. Soon she was taken into a car and when she got off the car, she found she was right under the Shining Company in line with the next step she had to take.   

She was pushed out of the car and soon the car vanished from her sight. It was so quick that no one would have noticed.     

If it weren't for the black strip in her hands, she would suspect that everything she had just experienced was a dream.     

"Leila, you are finally back. There are many works pilled up waiting for you. What took you so long?" David complained to her as she showed up. 

However, Leila just put down the files in her hands and responded, "Well, David, I..." She paused for a bit and said, "I have to go through the handover procedure now."    

"What are you saying? Handover procedure?" David was confused by what he heard. "What do you mean?" he asked, his face puzzled.     

"Nothing. Never mind," replied Leila to cut the chat short. Instead of explaining to David, Leila packed up her things and went directly to HR Department.   

The handover process was smooth and it only took her a few minutes since Charles had already notified the HR manager in advance to speed the process.    

 After taking her box filled with personal items, Leila walked out slowly. As she went away, Leila looked back at Shining Company longingly.    

 Even though she stayed here just for a short time, she had taken this place as her home. After all she did her work with utmost dedication and sincerity. Now she was forced to leave, and she felt hard to part from this place. After all her beloved man was there and not with her.    
 But Leila assured herself that she would come back sooner or later. And she vowed to herself that the day she would return, she would be Charles's wife, and the landlady of Shining Company.    

 Therefore, there was no need for her to dwell over this and grieve.   

At the thought of this, Leila let out a sigh of relief.     

At Dream Garden    

It took Autumn quite a while to calm down since she was pushed today also. Charles took the dishes that he ordered from the restaurant into the bedroom.   

  When he got in, Abby was chatting with Autumn in the room. She had calmed down which also relieved Charles somehow.     

"Autumn, come over here. Eat some food." Charles put the dishes down on the table right beside the bed and said softly.     

Abby rolled her eyes at Charles to show her discontent as Charles entered. Obviously, Abby was angry about what happened today.     

All this could have been avoided if Charles was more careful.     

"Abby, I..." Charles turned to Abby as he looked hesitant. "I want to have a talk with Autumn alone," he finally said. After a small pause, Abby nodded slightly and then walked out the room.   

After Abby left, Charles took a bowl of soup for Autumn and said gently, "Have some soup. Don't just eat vegetables. Slurp up the broth."    

Silent, Autumn said nothing. Though she was clear that Leila bought the necklace herself and she even did all of this deliberately, Autumn still lost her mind at that time simply because she cared about Charles so much.  

  Instead of being impatient, Charles just sat beside quietly and got another bowl of soup for her. Once Autumn finished eating, Charles did not clear away the plates immediately and instead said, "Autumn, do you feel better now?  I want to have a small chat with you."   

 Though Charles knew well that Autumn may not understand what he was going to say, he was determined to try his best or Leila would always remain like a thorn deep in Autumn's heart and it would cause her to explode at any time.   

Leaning on the couch in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Autumn was enjoying the sun bath. After Charles finished speaking, Autumn replied leisurely, "What do you want to talk?"   

 "Leila. I want to talk about it with you." As Autumn heard this name from Charles, Autumn felt astonished but soon she calmed down. Hesitating for a few seconds, she then turned to Charles and said seriously, "Well, then let's talk and get over with this."    

After all, it had to be solved sooner or later.     

Moving closer to Autumn, Charles started first, "Autumn, I didn't know anything about the necklace until today. Please do not pay any heed to it."   

 "I know and I understand everything. You do not need to explain anything," replied Autumn in a low voice. Though she was in a bad mental space, she was now able to distinguish truth from false.   
  It was obvious that Leila strived to irritate Autumn. But it was fortunate that Charles went back in time, or she would be deceived.   

"We quarreled several times because of Leila, and I always said that you may overthink about it. But I found that you were right today. It was me who was too careless."    

'Now that I have made the mistake, I have to rectify it and take good care of Autumn since she has been wronged for such a long time.' Charles thought to himself.     

Upon hearing this, Autumn still kept silent and said nothing. All she cared about was her baby and she would protect her baby from hurt at any cost.   

  "Autumn..." Charles held her hands gently and went on, "I just received the call from HR Department. They told me that Leila has been suspended from office. And we have no common ground with her anymore."

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