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(Leila got fired)

"Just stop your charade right here. I will not have any more of this drama!" 

Charles stared at Leila and warned her, "This is my house, not Shining Company. Please do me a favor and do not to come here unless it's urgent." He treated Leila as his secretary, it seemed that she thought of herself as Mrs. Lu-to-be though. She wanted to replace Autumn. 

It finally dawned on him why Autumn so strongly disliked Leila.    

 "I…" After seeing Charles' disgusted expression, Leila choked up realizing what a big mistake she had made. She was anxious and thought to herself, 'I shouldn't have come here. Besides, if I knew Charles would mind me buying the same necklace that he bought for Autumn, I wouldn't have done that to provoke him to anger. My action today was so reckless and miscalculated. 

Fortunately, I brought a document with me. It's a reasonable excuse to explain my visit.' She took out the document from her arms and said fawningly, "Our factory will halt the production unless you sign this document. So I had no option but to come here. If it was not an emergency, I would not have bothered you this way."  

Charles scanned the document and signed his name fleetly. After handing over the document to Leila and notified as he wrinkled his forehead, "Take this document back to the company. I will call the HR Department to handle with your handover. There is no need for you to go to work tomorrow." He wasn't expected that Leila would take out a document, which increased his disgust at this manipulative woman. Although she was a qualified secretary, Charles insisted on dismissing her. After all, there was no need to risk Autumn's happiness and their baby's safety to make her stay in his company. It wouldn't take much time to find another good secretary.     

Leila froze and was shocked at Charles' announcement. It was not appropriate for her to buy the same necklace as that one Charles bought. However, she thought there was no need to make such a big deal about it.   

"Mr.…" Mr. Lu, what do you mean? Why are you asking me to quit my job over this? Did I do something wrong?" Leila stood still and asked in surprise even though she knew exactly what had happened.     

"What do you think of it?" Charles retorted angrily, "Do you think you can stay in my company after what you have been doing?"  

  "Did you mind my visit today with the same necklace as Autumn?" Leila was surprised Charles would fire her over this, so abruptly. She mulled, 'I have been doing my job well since the day I joined as his secretary. I am sure I have created a very favorable impression. Why is he so cruel and decisive? If I am fired, how could I get close to him and make him fall in love with me? I won't be resigned to his decision.'  

"Mr. Lu, I… I explained what just happened. I bought the necklace simply because I liked it. The business matter was urgent, so I came here. I didn't mean to hurt Autumn, nor did I intend to disturb you. Please give me another chance," Leila begged Charles as her eyes welled up with tears.    

 "I am not a fool," Charles said as his lips twisted mockingly. "Autumn told me you had feelings for me. I thought she was just suspicious and intimidated. But your behavior today…"    

As soon as he saw the necklace around her neck, Charles finally realized Leila wasn't an innocent and simple-minded woman. He recalled David's words on the day when he changed a light bulb for her and confirmed his guess. Leila was manipulative and good at scheming. So it was necessary to fire her. It was late but it was better than never.    

 "Mr. Lu, I can explain…" Leila said quickly. When she found Charles was already leaving, she stepped forward and hold his hand. Charles shook her hand off and sneered, "If anything untoward should happen to Autumn, I will show you what I am capable of doing."  

With those words Charles turned to go back to Dream Garden and never looked back. Leila stood there, her heart filled with despair. Her good days were over and her dream to be Charles's partner had failed miserably. She was now left with no hopes or even a job.     

After a few moments' consideration, she grinned broadly as her fingers pinched the document. The scorn was written all over her face. 'I won't give up easily. 

Autumn, such an ordinary woman, doesn't deserve Charles. She shouldn't marry him. He will be mine soon.'    

She was determined to have Charles as her lover or husband.   

  It had hardly been moments since Leila turned to leave when two strong men wearing black suits stood right in front of her.   

She frowned and thought, 'Is it possible for them to rob me in broad daylight? I guess they won't.' So she didn't feel frightened.    

 "Who are you? Get out of my way," Leila said loudly. The whole scene of getting fired by Charles made her frustrated. 

Someone standing in her way intensified her anger. If she were strong enough to fight with the two man, she wouldn't have spoken politely. Instead she would have cursed them.     

"I told you to get out of my way. Do I have to repeat my words?" Leila urged impatiently as she pushed the two men with all the force she could muster. They didn't move as if they were pitted on the ground as anchors. It was obvious that Leila was not strong enough to move them by even an inch.    

 One of them said to Leila indifferently, "Miss Zhang, our boss wants to see you. Please come with us."  

"Your boss? Who is your boss?" Leila asked in surprise. She didn't think she knew any boss except Charles. When she hesitated to go with them, the two men simply carried her to the car swiftly before she figured out what was happening.    

 Although there were passers-by, they watched it happen and ignored Leila in trouble. No matter how loud she shouted, they just ignored her voice.    

 Once she got into the car, the two men wearing black suits each held one of her hands. She couldn't move. Besides, her eyes were now covered by a black cloth. Without seeing anything or knowing anything, she was gripped by fear and anxiety.     

She was all in a flutter. The only sound she heard was the operation sound of the car engine.    

 Still trying to figure out who had captured her against her will, she thought, 'I didn't offend any powerful influential person, did I? No, it's not possible.'  

"Hey! Who the hell is your boss? Just tell me something!     

Where are you taking me?"   

 Leila kept yelling out and struggling to break free in hopes of relieving her anxiety when she realized the car was moving. However, no matter what she asked, the two men didn't reply.     

Her heart was pounding faster and faster as each minute passed. It was indeed a torment for her to wait in the darkness and uncertainty.     

She couldn't help thinking, 'Who am I to meet? Who on earth was it?'  

  "Here we are," The car stopped and one man wearing a black suit said. He helped Leila get off the car. Minutes later, they stopped walking. Leila heard him say, "Boss, we have brought the woman you sought."  

"Okay, you guys can get out of here." The voice was strange. Leila considered for a long time and finally accepted that she did not recognize him. Her body began to shake and her voice was trembling. 

"You… Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"    

Leila did not dare to take the blind fold off in fear that if she saw his face, she might be killed off.     

As the footsteps came nearer and nearer, Leila turned more and more anxious. After a long silence, the man standing across her, said flatly, "Relax. I brought you here to help you."   

 The man stretched his hand to untie the black cloth wrapped around Leila's eyes. 

There was a moment of blinding pain after seeing the light. Leila covered her eyes with her hands until her eyes eased back. She found she was in a commodious warehouse. The voice echoed back from the walls.     

There was a dim light hanging over the ceiling.   

Leila looked at the man talking with her. 

He was wearing a shiny suit. He had a long, curved scar on his good-looking face, making him look fierce. She was curious about why he had such a scar, but she concealed her expressions. 'If I rile him accidentally, he will kill me,' she thought to herself.     

"It's ugly, isn't it?" he said unhappily with a sneer. "Don't be so nervous. I won't kill you. You can trust me."    

It calmed Leila's nerves a bit. But she didn't know why the man had brought her here in such a manner. Thinking about his intentions was useless, so she asked him directly, "What do you want to do? 

Why did you take me here? I don't know you. Did you mistake me for someone else?"    

After she blurted out a series of questions, the man laughed. "You don't know me, but I know you."    

After speaking, he turned away from Leila. Leila stood still and stared at the man. She knew she shouldn't trust his words, she had no choice though. He suddenly turned back and said to Leila, "I just want to ask you, do you want to be with Charles?"  

"Of course, with all my heart!" Leila replied without hesitation.     

She thought of being Charles' mistress or wife day and night, every day. Those thoughts consumed her.

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