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(Do whatever it takes)

Roger frowned and considered what was being asked of him. "It's impossible," he finally said.

"Yes, I'm an actor, but I'm not as popular as she is. I don't see how Rachel will benefit by being linked to me," Roger pointed out.

Autumn nodded. "Yes, you may not be as popular, but…"

Her eyes bore into him as she spoke.

"After several months, it's very likely you'll be famous by the time the two TV shows where you play roles in are shown. And Rachel, who has nearly nothing, will think you are her last hope to recover what she lost."

Confused, Roger raised his hands to show that he was still clueless.

"So, what should I do now?" he asked.

Autumn was wondering if he finally understood her deviousness.

She smirked as he tried to absorb what she was thinking. Autumn made it a point never to hurt others unless they hurt her first. Rachel had already caused too much trouble and it was time to do something so the woman could not hurt her again.

Then she told Roger, "Of course you can do something. However…"

Autumn paused for effect. "You have to do whatever it takes, no matter what the cost."

Her words may have been vague but the message was clear and Roger understood. Autumn stood up to leave and said, "I've said enough. I leave it up to you, including whether you will or will not do it."

She gave him a daring look, and the latter formulated a plan in his head.

Roger suddenly remembered the photographs he was in possession of.

Autumn was right. Once he became famous because of the TV shows, Rachel's recourse would be to blackmail him, and that would definitely destroy his career and maybe his life. If he wanted to prevent the woman from harassing him, he had to act first.

He decided to call a reporter from Entertainment Weekly. Roger went straight to the point.

"I have some photos that you might be interested in," he offered.

The following day, photos of Rachel and Roger were splashed on every tabloid, magazine and online. In it was Rachel, in all her naked glory, a complete contrast to the virtuous image she had projected for many years.

Publishing the photos achieved two things: it destroyed Rachel as was intended, and it made people curious about the handsome guy she was with.

Someone eventually recognized Roger as an actor playing supporting roles in two TV shows they were filming. So the shows became a hot topic for the public, thanks to the unsolicited publicity.

The director was only too happy for it. The photos may have been scandalous for Roger, but people started recognizing the actor and became interested in his shows. Besides, it was a known fact that Roger was close to the Lu family, so no one dared to cause him any trouble.

As expected, Roger's popularity grew as a result of the scandalous photos.

Although many of the online comments were somewhat cruel, it still made people more aware of him. As an actor, the greatest tragedy was for no one to be talking about you.

No one was happier than Roger's assistant. "You've become a real celebrity now! And everyone is talking about you," he told his boss.

He handed Roger coffee while excitedly sharing the news about people's reactions to the scandalous item.

But Roger merely sneered. People were talking about the photos but the topic wasn't as hot as he expected it to be. He knew that an actor needed more than scandals to be talked about. It was more important to reverse the bad reputation it created for him.

Autumn was right. He should never give Rachel a chance to blackmail him and end his career before it took off.

So he decided to ride on Rachel's infamy and use it to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Rachel's world was crumbling. The photos with Roger had destroyed her carefully created image. At the hospital, she was blocked by reporters wanting to interview her. She tried calling Roger to ask for help, but only his assistant answered. "I'm sorry.

Roger is busy working now. I'll make sure to give him your message," she was told.

She hung up, furious, struggling to think about her next move.

Unknown to her, Roger had arranged for a press conference where he promised to answer all the media's questions.

Since Rachel was known as Edward's wife, reporters flocked to his home hoping to get a comment from the man. The media swarmed his house, blocked his gate and made it impossible to evade them. Aware of why they were there, Edward decided to talk so they would stop hounding him.

He cleared his throat before speaking to the many phones and microphones thrust in his face. "About Rachel, I know nothing about the photos that came out," he began. "Our marriage has come to an end and we are now working on the details of our divorce. Once that has been finalized, I will speak about it more.

For now, I have nothing to say about her," Edward finished.

A reporter shouted out a question.

"Mr. Lu! Are you divorcing Rachel because of the scandal that came out recently?"

Edward shook his head and answered, "No. We had already decided to divorce before the scandal came out. As to the details of the divorce, I don't think it is the time or place to talk about them."

He paused, considering, and added, "I feel lucky to have made this decision before all this happened because no man, I am certain, could bear seeing his wife's nude photos splashed on the Internet and media."

Edward gave a sad smile. "That's all I have to say. I will answer all your questions after everything is finalized. Until then, please give me some time," he appealed.

Another reporter attempted, "Mr. Lu, one more question?"

Edward fought his way into his car and was about to drive off but reporters kept blocking him.

He ignored them and at the first opportunity drove away as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, the press conference arranged by Roger was starting. He arrived promptly to get a feel of the situation. As expected, reporters were curious about his relationship with Rachel and threw a barrage of questions at him.

One asked, "Mr. Han, can you tell us how you and Miss Bai met and ended up together?"

Seated on stage, Roger tried to appear relaxed and smiled as he answered, "We met at a cocktail party. I was a fan of hers and thought she was inaccessible to people like me. But after talking with her, I learned she was really just a quiet, shy girl. We shared similar characteristics and hobbies so it became natural for us to be together."

Then he went straight to the scandal. "As for the photos, I have no idea who took them and exposed them to the public."

He hardened his eyes and vowed, "I will do my best to find out who did it and let him take responsibility."

The second question asked was, "Can you tell us when you and Miss Bai started your relationship and when it ended?"

Roger sat up straighter before replying carefully. "Our relationship was over before she got married. And because she is another man's wife now, I hope not to bother her anymore. We broke up a long time ago, for reasons that we have kept between us. I just want to apologize to her about telling our story, and discussing such a personal matter in public."


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