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"I am just fine. Please don't worry about me." As Rachel leaned slowly into Roger's arms, she said in a soft and defeated tone, "I feel relaxed and at peace only when I'm with you. I really don't know how to spend the days which are yet to come with Edward. I wish things were not as complicated as they are."

"What is wrong with you? Please tell me what has happened. Unburden your heart." With increasing concern and confusion, Roger asked Rachel since he felt weird hearing her speak so tenderly with him. "Why did you say that? Rachel, tell me what happened and perhaps I will be able help you."

Rachel stared at Roger and hesitated for a moment before she responded, "Do you remember that I said that at some point in the near future I want to have a baby? Well... I mentioned it to Edward today, and expected him to share my enthusiasm but he just got very agitated when he heard my proposal. He said he never wanted to have another child and I could leave if I couldn't accept this fact, so now I don't have any idea what to do."

"How is this even possible?" Roger furrowed his eye brows and went on, "Edward has reached his middle age. He should be happy if he could have a baby at this age. I don't understand why this would agitate him instead?"

"I don't know. I am also confused about it too. I did expect this in my worst nightmares," said Rachel, as she sighed heavily. She also couldn't figure out why he was so adamant in his refusal to have a baby with her.

"Don't worry right now, maybe things will change in your favor soon," Roger said with a sly smile. Slowly, Roger carried Rachel onto the bed. "I am here for you at any time if you really want to have a baby," Roger offered with a grin.

"What are you talking about? I can't understand. What could you possibly have to offer in this situation?" Rachel, who actually clearly understood what he was trying to convey, pretended not understand. Though she pretended so to prevent Roger's next movement, Rachel did strike an pattern of almost declining and accepting to have sex with him to avoid disappointing him.

However, things went down differently in the Lu family house.

Soon after Edward and Rachel abruptly left, Chris went back to her room. Charles and Autumn too were just about to go back to their bedroom when Nancy rushed over with a glass of milk. "Mrs. Lu, I have prepared the milk for you as you like it," said Nancy.

"Thank you, but I don't want to drink it tonight," Autumn declined politely. She felt even better than before since she stopped drinking milk these days, though Autumn was not sure if it was true or was an intuition. Moreover, she did not want to fall asleep when Nancy took the milk for her, and that was really why she declined Nancy's offer.

"But you have to drink it, Mrs. Lu." Nancy looked a little bit nervous, and she immediately tried to explain her pressing request as she sensed the confusion in Charles' eyes. "Mrs. Lu, you have to take care of yourself. You have lost a lot of weight because you were sick these past couple of days. And it is for your welfare that you must consume a glass of milk every night. Mr. Lu asked me to prepare it for you every day without fair. Please just take a sip of it at the very least."

"But I really don't want to drink it tonight. Please let it be for one night. This will barely make any difference," Autumn replied her as her forehead wrinkled with a frown.

"I am so truly worried about your health condition. Please try to drink a little bit while it is still warm. It is good for your health." Nancy was persistent in her attempts to persuade her.

"But I..." As she was feeling awkward, Autumn looked at Charles. Soon Charles understood what she tried to convey from her eyes, so he turned to Nancy and said, "Nancy, hand it to me. I will drink it now that Autumn does not want to drink it tonight. That way your efforts of preparing it will not be in vain."

"Mr. Lu, but it is prepared especially for Mrs. Lu." Nancy replied as she shivered a little with growing nervousness.

"So how does that matter? It is just milk. Can't you just hand the glass over?"

Confused, Charles asked Nancy and felt weird by her reaction.

"No, no. That is not what I meant." Nancy let out an embarrassed smile explained, "I am just worried about Mrs. Lu's deteriorating health, so I really wanted her to consume it. But now that she doesn't want to drink it tonight, then you can drink it, Mr. Lu."

As she finished speaking, Nancy extended her hand to pass over the glass to Charles. However, right before Charles could even grasp it, Nancy loosened her grip all of a sudden. The glass fell down with a thud and crashed into small pieces while the milk spilled all over the black marble floor.

"I am sorry, Mr. Lu. I am really so sorry. I don't mean to drop it like that. I felt like you had held it, but I guess I was confused." Nancy hastily apologized to Charles in a shaky voice. "It's okay. But Nancy what's wrong with you?

Somethings seems to be wrong. You have been acting so weird today," Charles said with suspicion as he could feel that something was wrong with Nancy.

"Mr. Lu, I am fine. I have just been feeling a little tired, so I loosed my grip on the glass. I am so sorry. Let me go and fetch you another glass of milk," replied Nancy, with her head lowered. She still looked a little flurried in a nerve wrecking state.

"No, thanks. There is no need for you to do so. Please just go and rest," Charles said indifferently. After thinking for a few seconds, Charles added. "Clean this mess up and then go to bed early and ensure you have a good rest to avoid such a hassle, Nancy."

"Okay, I will clean this up immediately."

Nancy nodded slightly and without saying anything else moved out of the room in haste. However, as soon as they left, a look of hatred reflected in Nancy's eyes.

"Charles, do you think Nancy was acting a little strange today? It seems like something is wrong with her." As they headed to the bedroom, Autumn opened up about her doubts to Charles.

"Didn't you hear what she just said? Perhaps she was too exhausted after all she managed all the chores at home," replied Charles calmly. He paused for a while but then seemed to recall something, so he asked, "Did Roger create any trouble for you today?"

"No, he didn't. Don't worry. He would dare not do anything inappropriate around me," Autumn replied with an assuring smile. "Well, it is late. Let's go to sleep now. You still have to work tomorrow," she added to put an end to this topic.

"Okay. But I need to take a shower first so you go ahead. I will join you in a bit." Charles nodded and then walked to the bathroom. When he walked back to get into bed, he saw that Autumn had already fallen asleep.

The next morning, Charles just as usual drove Autumn to her company first and then headed to his own company. David was very busy these days since Leila had taken a leave recently since she was injured. David just put the papers in order when Charles reached the office. "Mr. Lu, please sign these important papers," David said while handing it to him.

"Leave it on my desk. I will sign them later after going through them," replied Charles without even looking up at him. But soon he recalled the five-year contract with Leo, so then he looked at David and asked, "What is the progress with Mr. Xu's contract?"

"Alice is handling that cooperation. And as per what I heard it has already been signed. Mr. Lu, don't worry. All our affairs are in order," replied David politely.

However, he still was hesitant of speaking as he recalled what Alice said to him. Charles then said to him again, "David, thank you. Leila is not here for the next few days and so you must have much work to do."

"Mr. Lu, it is my duty. I will handle it all with utmost care and attention." He paused for a few seconds and then hesitantly said, "But..."

"What is the matter?" Charles asked him with confusion.

Staring at Charles, David was unable to utter the words he kept planning to say out loud. After hesitating further, he mustered the courage and then went on, "Nothing. It's just that our colleagues all heard about what happened with Leila. She was hurt because of official business, so we plan to pay her a visit after work hours. Would you like to join us, Mr. Lu?"

Upon hearing this, Charles was reluctant but then he nodded his head in approval thinking about how Leila had devoted herself for his company, so the least he could do was to pay her a visit.

"Buy some fruits and flowers for her. I'll sponsor it," Charles said indifferently.

In fact, David just asked him casually just to keep him in the room and to be polite, but he least expected Charles to actually accept the offer and join them. It seemed as though Alice was right.

Whether Charles had an ambiguous relationship with Leila, she was different from an ordinary employee in Charles' eyes, or else he would not have agreed to visit her.

"Okay. Sure, I will buy it later." David replied calmly and was determined to keep observing for a bit and then decided whether to tell Charles those words or not.

It When it was time to get off work, Charles left at the same time with other people which was quite unusual for him. However, once he reached Leila's block, David and other employees still had not reached since they were caught up with buying the fruit basket and flowers.


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