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(Hesitancy to have another child)

On their way back home, Rachel tried to get something out from Edward, "You seem to be very agitated after talking to Charles. I suppose he doubted your claim and intention behind slandering his wife, right?"

"Doubtful? Ah what can I say...." Edward laughed sarcastically as he added, "Apart from doubting me, Charles rejected my advice. I should have just kept it a secret rather than warn him about Autumn's betrayal."

Edward expressed his disdain, "I would have let Charles be a fool, it feels like he deserves to be cheated on."

"Charles is actually a victim and he will remain one as long as he chooses ignorance." Rachel sighed and explained to Edward, "Autumn remained unperturbed when being spotted by us in the western restaurant and invited us to join them for dinner. I suppose.. she informed Charles of her real plans. As a result, Charles blamed you for unnecessarily bringing this up."

"Anyway, I would have liked to know this in advance so as not to have let my kind attempt to save a marriage get wasted and insulted in such a manner," Edward expressed his disappointment.

Rachel was too realized that it was her mistake that led to Edward's vulnerability before Charles.

In a bid to change the topic, Rachel decided to touch the subject of starting a family with Edward again, as when it came to the reference in Lu family, Edward felt quite uneasy. Now the atmosphere in the car was suitable for that subject especially in the absence of Chris.

"Edward, don't you.. like children?"

Rachel put forth her question artfully and carefully fearing Edward's temper.

Edward frowned upon hearing what she said. "It is amazing for me to be questioned like this over and over again..."

"The idea which Chris mentioned seems perfect to me." Rachel smiled as she spoke to Edward in an attempt to change his mind, "I am so young and once I married you I began to knit dreams of having a child of my own, my blood that I would raise, love and support. I always thought if I give birth to a boy, I will train him to be a good basketball player who will have admirable followers from the opposite sex; if it is a girl, I may..."

"I don't want to hear anymore of this yammering!" Rachel's dreamy talk was interrupted by Edward's displeasure as he clutched the steering wheel, blue veins on his temple evidently popping out.

Edward let out a highly-pitched scream, which terrified Rachel, who tightened her safety belt and in a soft voice asked him, "What.. is wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Edward calmed down and pacified Rachel in a gesture purely motivated by guilt. "Not at all. Please do not mention this ever again."

"Why then?" Rachel did not relent. "I am too young to be deprived of the right of maternity. We never discussed this before getting married and now I am left hanging."

"It is not your fault at all. This is simply my problem." Edward added to his refusal, irrespective of Rachel's feeling, "Chris is my sole daughter and she is enough to brighten up my life. If after knowing how strongly I feel about this, you still want a child of our own... I will not blame you to part ways with me. In fact I urge you to mull over this matter."

"What do you mean by saying this?"

Rachel was taken aback, looking at Edward in shock. and added, "It would be unjustifiable for you to divorce me due to my strong desire to have a child. I just want a baby. Am I wrong?"

"I admit my inability to have a child with you." Edward was indifferent to how Rachel would feel and think about this matter anymore. He just wanted to come on some conclusion and end this matter.

Rachel was shocked to learn of Edward's strong indifference towards having a baby, even though he was quite old.

'Edward seems.. to have developed a strong dislike towards the entire thought of having another child,' Rachel thought to herself.

"Rachel." Edward sighed and parked his car along the road before he started to explain the situation to Rachel, "Your desire to have a child of your own is perfectly understandable. And it is fair for you to have such expectations from me as well. But I am too old to help produce a child. I hope you can spare a second thought and understand my predicament."

Edward looked at Rachel with guilt and continued, "You can rest assured. I will make up to you for this shortcoming. But this matter... should be as good as dismissed and only if you agree on my terms. Do you understand?"

"I understand." Rachel was still confused and was convinced there was some other reason behind Edward's rejection.

But... she was determined to give birth to a baby while she was still young which would put her in a position to acquire Edward's estate. In such a situation, Edward would have no choice but to accept her pregnancy and treat her child right.

Edward nodded in content mood. Once they reached back home, they made love. Edward then as usual drank a cup of milk to fall into deep slumber. Once he slept, Rachel dressed up and sneaked out to meet Roger.

Roger also was too sleepy to talk to Rachel with sense and reason, as Rachel had not made a call beforehand to inform him. "What brings you here at such an ungodly hour? You should have called me in advance for me to be prepared."

"So what? Are you trying to say I am not welcome here?" Rachel pushed the door open and rushed in. She then searched around to check if there was any other woman. "Are you afraid of getting caught sleeping around with another woman?"

"What a nonsense are you uttering." Roger sensed Rachel's absurd and paranoid mindset as he sat beside her. "You are always on my mind, and I won't risk what I have to sleep around with another woman."

"You are such a smooth talker that it is easy to fall for your honey dripping words." Rachel replied with a cold smile, "I found you dining and laughing with Autumn and it looked like you were falling in love with her."

"No more of this nonsense talk!" Roger pretended to be angry and expressed his displeasure, "What ever I was doing with Autumn, was a part of our plot. But I am glad you stormed in here like this because now I know how much you distrust me...Since it is so, I will give up our plan."

"Do not take my jokes so seriously." Rachel tried to appease Roger, who was of use to her not anymore at least, "I am not in a good mood today so as to indulge in any more of this drama.

Please do not take my careless words to heart. I did not mean it."

Roger could sense the melancholy on Rachel's face and wondered, 'Did something unpleasant happen to her?'


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