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(Misunderstood a good intentions)

Rachel put all efforts to ensure her expressions defy her emotions and thoughts. Internally, she was dying of jealousy, but she could not afford letting her anger reflect on her face let alone her actions. After all, Chris was Edward's biological daughter. If Rachel expressed animosity towards Chris, Edward might blatantly favor and defend Chris. If she lost Edward's trust and lost his favor, she wouldn't be able to get any money from him.

Chris was sitting right next to Edward when she suddenly heaved a heavy sigh. Edward anxiously asked her, "What's the matter? Everything is okay, isn't it? Your sigh has scared me."

"I am particularly worried…" Chris took a big breath before she explained, "I have a stepmother now. If she gives birth to some babies, will you still cherish and love me with the same veracity as now?

After all I am only your daughter. Your son might grow to be more important. Besides, I am not living with you. It's only natural for you to ignore me in the future. You will provide for that child, watch him grow and guide him. How could you not love him more?"

Edward's face darkened as he heard Chris' concern, he had not considered this scenario earlier. Rachel laughed and tried to jump in again, "Chris, thank you for your gentle reminder. Edward, why don't we have a child? He will be cute and handsome. He will also have Chris as his elder sister to guide him..."

"Just shut your trap!" Edward snapped at Rachel furiously, as he frowned in contemplation, "I am too old to have a baby. If you want a child, then go and have a baby all by yourself. I do not share dreams of such a future with you!"

Edward's ruthless refusal astounded Rachel. It took her quite a while to gulp her pride and get past the shock. The moment she returned to reality, the words escaped her mouth before she realized what she was saying, "Why are you so angry at me all the time? I was just thinking about it and expressed it aloud."

Edward looked at Rachel with a cold stare to intimidate her and warned, "Don't even think about it anymore..."

Upon seeing Rachel's gloomy expression, Chris felt excited and proud of what she had accomplished. But she was confused by Edward's attitude and reaction. She did not expect him to act so harshly and treat her with such rudeness. 'They are newlyweds.

Shouldn't he be happy if Rachel gives birth to a son? Why... is he so unwilling to even consider it let alone talking about it?'

Before Chris could try to figure out the reason for Edward's abnormal hostility, Edward started to console her, "Don't worry. You will be my only child all my life. I can't bear to share the love I have for you with anyone else..."

"Thank you for your warm assurance, Father." Chris replied as she flung herself into Edward's arms. Rachel looked utterly bewildered by Edward's reaction. She pondered over the matter, 'Even though Edward clearly said he did not want a baby, I am sure he will be excited if I get pregnant.'

"Good girl! If you have time, please come to my house and stay for a couple of days. I really hope you could spend some time with me," Edward said with an optimistic smile. Chris answered awkwardly, "I am afraid I can't do so."

"But why?" inquired Edward.

"Grandpa and I have some plans. Tomorrow we will be officially signing some paperwork. He is transferring his shares of the Shining Company over to me, so … I will be as busy as a bee over the next few days. I will definitely take you up on your offer once my schedule frees up a little." Chris sincerely apologized.

Upon hearing how much his brother cared and loved his daughter, Edward felt it was time for him to shower some love on Chris as well. He then eagerly said, "I will also call my lawyer and ask him to prepare documents at the earliest so that I can transfer my property in your name. It will be done soon. You will marry with a mammoth dowry which will safeguard and cement your future."

"Father, there is no need for such a huge gesture," Chris refused repeatedly, but Edward insisted nonetheless. Chris was pretending and was internally happy simply because she didn't want her father to be cheated by Rachel.

Right at this moment, Rachel began to regret her suggestion to visit with Edward.

She glanced at Autumn who was sitting nearby and pulled Edward by the sleeve. "Edward, don't forget the other purpose of our visit," she reminded Edward gently.

"What purpose is she referring to?" Chris asked curiously.

Edward couldn't see Charles in the lobby or in the vicinity, so he asked with wrinkled forehead, "Nothing. Chris, where is your brother?"

"He has not come back yet." Literally seconds after her response did the door open. It was Charles. After a short pause upon seeing all the people in the lobby, he asked, "Why are you here?"

"You've come exactly at the right moment. I have something important to discuss with you." Edward rose to his feet and in a secretive tone said, "Let's go out for a small talk."

"Okay, let us go someplace else," Charles didn't know what had happened and what Edward wanted to talk about, but he nodded after a moment's consideration and followed Edward out. It was freezing and windy outside.

Charles lit a cigarette and asked, "Go ahead. What is this concerning?"

"You … Why did you come back so late today?" Edward didn't get to the point directly. Instead he asked about Charles' quitting time. He decided to beat around the bush before jumping to the point.

Charles sneered, "There are a lot of things to handle with. I have been working overtime these days. It's cold outside. Why don't we cut right to it?"

Edward stopped the polite conversation and jumped the gun, "I am warning you, don't forget to show care and love for your wife. If she cheats on you, you will lose face in the society."

"You are not making any sense. What are you trying to get at?" Charles suddenly recalled the message he received from Rachel, so he explained unhappily, "Did Rachel tell you about this? Don't believe everything you hear and especially rumors. Autumn and I are close to each other and very much in love."

"I am warning you only for your welfare." Edward scowled at him and tried to substantiate on his advice. "I saw her having supper with a cute guy with my own eyes."

"So, how does that matter?" Charles responded with confidence. It was luck that Autumn had told him about the meeting earlier itself, or else maybe he would have suspected her over nothing.

He thought to himself, 'Damn Rachel! You are always trying to stir up trouble for us! You also married Edward, then why can't you move forward and stay away from Autumn and me.' Charles didn't want Edward to question Autumn's character, so he explained patiently, "I know that man. Before Autumn went out for dinner, she asked for my permission. Is there any problem?"

"Why are you so stubborn and blind towards what is happening around you?" Edward was getting annoyed with Charles' naive foolishness. He shouted, "If she has an affair with that man, will she let you know?"

"Did you seen them holding hands or kissing or engaging in any inappropriate behavior? Why are so eager to make me think she is adulterous." Charles rejected his suggestions solemnly, "She is my wife. Why would I marry her if I didn't trust her?"

Charles added with a poker face, "Since you clearly have a lot of time on your hands, pay more attention on your relationship with Rachel. Stop meddling in my domestic affairs. I know how to make my relationship work."

"You …" Charles' obstinacy was really ticking Edward off. "You, ungrateful man! I will change my family name if I say anything about your family anymore," said Edward, shaking with rage.

"That's exactly what I expected!" Charles responded with a sneer.

The moment Charles and Edward entered the house back, Edward yelled at Rachel from the corner, "Let's go right now. We are not welcome here, never were."

"What happened?" Rachel asked him with a frown. She thought, 'I set a trap so that Edward would see Autumn having supper with Roger. After all, Charles would rather trust Edward's words over mine. It seems Charles wasn't convinced even by him. Edward looked furious, so he must be enraged by Charles's reaction.'

"Stop asking questions and just hurry up! We are leaving right this instant," Edward said and walked towards the door, holding Rachel's hand. When they passed Chris, Edward restrained his anger and said, "Chris, I am leaving. When you are free, do come and visit me."

He swore that he would never set foot into the Dream Garden in future.

In his opinion, Charles misunderstood his intentions, so there was no need to come here out of his way to protect his honor and embarrass himself.

"Father, why don't take some rest and have a chat with me?" Chris tried to stop Edward, but he shook her hand off. Edward said, "No. I am leaving. I will pay you a visit some other time and place."



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