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(Affectionate daughter)

Moments after Roger and Autumn left, Rachel sent Charles a message telling him to keep close watch on Autumn, only to be rebuked. Rachel, then burning with rage and hatred, made a suggestion to Edward, "You have not met Chris in a long time, I suppose. So I am wondering why we don't go to see her right after dinner. I do miss her during this long absence."

"This sounds like a good plan to me." Edward nodded in approval after hesitating for a moment. He wanted to check if Chris was fine by taking the advantage of telling Charles something about Autumn.

As Roger could not sense anything strange waiting for them at the entrance of Dream Garden when he escorted Autumn back, he expressed his doubt, "I expected Rachel to ask Mr. Lu to wait here anticipating your arrival. I wonder what she is planning if not this..."

"That move is way too obvious. I told Charles all about our scheme including this dinner with you this evening. It is a waste of Rachel's time for her to warn Charles. This explains why Charles would not be here waiting for me."

Autumn gave Roger a reassuring smile and said, "It is kind of you to play your role today in this charade. I must go home now but please do bear our plan in your mind."

"Mrs. Lu, I extend you my complete support and cooperation in this well devised plan." Roger pledged, standing outside her house, with sincerity, "It would be pointless for Rachel to challenge you, as I know how powerful and resolute you are. I would not ever consider getting myself tangled in a mess with you at any cost."

Autumn immediately turned complacent. As she entered home, Autumn found Chris sitting in the cozy sofa and casually eating a plate of fruit. At the sight of Autumn, Chris motioned her to share the fruit in a friendly manner, "Autumn, please enjoy these cherries which are so very sweet. They have arrived fresh via air parcel from America. It is all thanks to Sam's kindness."

"Sam, it appears, is trying to impress, pamper and woo you at every level." Autumn laughed, but Chris blushed with embarrassment. "Autumn, please do not tease me like this."

"I am simply telling you the truth as I see it!" Autumn added as she observed Chris' shy face flush pink, "Well, I will spare you this time only because you requested so nicely."

"Autumn, where is my elder brother? I have not seen him all day." Chris frowned at absence of Charles. "I have not seen him in a while too. I wonder where he is caught up..."

"Charles is busy running his company affairs right now and wants to complete some projects as soon as possible. We have decided to leave for vacation next week irrespective of anything else."

Autumn could not hide her happiness just at the thought of her birthday gift, a trip with Charles. Chris too sensed her satisfaction. "My elder brother should have given you a surprise honeymoon in the beginning of your marriage itself, but better late than never, right?"

Autumn replied with a warm and optimistic smile. All of a sudden, Autumn, recalled the matter Roger brought to her attention, and with that she expressed her concern, "Chris, how is the matter.. I brought to your attention now?"

Autumn began to talk with Chris about the matter carefully in soft whispers as she feared the servants would overhear and learn about the entire thing.

"What is it?" Chris asked rather casually despite noticing Autumn's soft tone.

"It is..." Autumn whispered to Chris, "Earlier I had suggested you should ask Edward to transfer a portion of his properties to you. How is that going?"

Chris finally realized what Autumn was referring to in such hushed tones and replied to Autumn, "I have not done that yet."

Chris spat a core and explained to Autumn, "Actually I have no interest in acquiring his properties irrespective of the reason. Moreover, he did make an official statement confirming my share in his properties. With that said it is rather unnecessary for me to press this matter. Autumn, is anything going on that I should be aware of?"

"In my opinion... You had better get on this quickly and finish it." Autumn continued in a calm tone, "So here's the truth, Rachel is trying to get pregnant in order to win Edward's trust, love and attention, all in bid to possess Edward's whole estate. You will lose the gamble, if you decide to just wait and watch your life unfurl."

"Autumn, this is simply impossible!" Chris expressed her disbelief, "Edward is just too old to get Rachel pregnant!"

"Maybe... Rachel would not care even if it is a bastard." Autumn tried to hint at Rachel's ploy to Chris, who then realized her intentions...

"It is obscene for her to even think of doing such a thing. Autumn, how did you learn about Rachel's plan?" Chris asked Autumn in bewilderment.

"You can rest assured as I support you unsparingly." Autumn found it unnecessary to tell Chris all about her collaboration with Roger, to avoid disclosure.

"I believe you." Chris announced her trust on Autumn. 'After learning of her devious plans, Rachel.. more treacherous and cunning that I could possibly ever imagine,' Chris thought to herself as she worried for Edward.

She found it to be her responsibility to thwart Rachel's evil plans from taking form.

Chris then immediately called up Edward, "Dad, where are you? I hope to see you right now."

"What is going on? I was hoping to meet you too, as it has been too long since our parting." Edward was amazed at telepathy between Chris and him, and he felt like they were finally connecting.

"Well, I wait gladly for your arrival." Chris hung up and became anxious. "Autumn, please tell me how I should talk this over with Edward."

Autumn tried to conceive of a perfect plan but in vain. She then reassured Chris, "Please go with a calm and composed mind, and just act as you see fit in the moment."

They had to act according to what the circumstance called for.

Within a few minutes, the arrival of Edward and Rachel was announced. Rachel showered Chris with courtesies, "Long time no see. I have brought you some fruits and cakes. I hope you will like them."

"Thank you!" Chris dismissed Rachel's zealous front with a contemptuous glance. She then held Edward's hands affectionately and said, "Dad, I missed you so much."

Edward's heart melted upon hearing Chris's lovely voice. He considered it a blessing to have such a loving daughter. He felt a gush of gratitude wash over him.

Chris's lovely voice. He considered it a blessing to have such a loving daughter. He felt a gush of gratitude wash over him.

"I lost no time in coming here to see you, my beloved daughter." Edward doted on Chris, though he was a bad lot by nature.
"Dad, I always have you in my mind," Chris said with a girlish charm to Edward.

Edward pinched Chris' nose playfully and requested, "Why don't you stay with me for a few days to dispel my loneliness and brighten up my days?"

"How could you possibly feel so lonely in my company?" Rachel protested playfully to join the conversation, as she smiled.

"I prefer and cherish Chris' company more than yours." Edward replied with a smile, "As the saying goes, 'A daughter is thought to be her father's first love.'"



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