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(Causing trouble)

"You should order," Autumn said in an uninteresting manner.

She then looked back to see if Rachel was there. Unable to find her, she looked at Roger and asked him quietly, "Where is Rachel?"

"She said she would come to have dinner with Edward.

Maybe she's just late." Roger shrugged. "She'll be here soon."

As soon as he finished talking, Rachel came in with Edward in tow, with their hands tightly intertwined.

Rachel felt particularly special as she walked in, more so when she spotted Autumn and Roger. With a sly smile, she patted Edward's hand, feigned surprise and said, "Look! Charles' wife is over there!"

Upon hearing this, Edward turned to the direction where Autumn was. He could not see Roger's face, who was sitting opposite to Autumn. Unsure whether the man with Autumn was Charles, he asked calmly, "Why is she here?"

"Maybe she's having dinner with Charles. Let's greet them."

Rachel said softly while holding Edward's arm.

"It's totally unnecessary," Edward protested coldly, his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Even though his spat with Chris had already been resolved, there was still tension between him and Charles. As such, he didn't think there was any reason to greet them, but Rachel still insisted.

"Edward, I know what you are thinking. Remember that Charles is Chris' brother. He has taken care of her for many years and we should be thankful to him for doing that. It will be awkward if they see us here without greeting them. Don't you think so?" she asked.

"Plus, we don't usually see him in Y City. Come on now, it won't take long. We'll leave right after greeting them," Rachel ushered, persuading Edward further.

"Well... Alright. As you wish," Edward replied.

He felt Rachel's argument was reasonable enough so he walked with her over to meet Autumn. However, upon reaching her, he realized that the man with her was not Charles.

"Miss Bai, what brings you here?"

Autumn asked Rachel, feigning surprise.

Autumn stood up and greeted her, "What a coincidence! Are you here for dinner?"


Smiling at Autumn, she then continued, "Edward and I are going to have dinner and I did not expect that I could meet you here. We come here to greet you because I thought you're with Charles. But.."

Rachel stopped speaking, glancing at Roger slyly.

'Roger must be a resourceful man. I didn't expect him to bring Autumn here successfully. Now that I am closer to my goal, I will completely destroy Autumn's life,' Rachel thought to herself.

"Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you to Roger," Autumn innocently said, even though she knew of Rachel's plan.

"This is my friend Roger. He is a well-known star but not as popular as you," Autumn said.


Roger greeted them with a smile while reaching out his hand. "Wow! I did not expect that you two knew each other. I am actually your fan," Roger said, acting as if Rachel was a stranger.

"Wow, really?"

Rachel replied casually while shaking Roger's hand. The three of them were clearly playing their part, as they all had their own plans.

Edward, however, felt it necessary to ask where Charles was. Glancing at Autumn, he asked, "Where is Charles? I haven't seen him."

Apparently, he misunderstood the nature of Rachel and Roger's relationship. Edward in any case still treated Charles as a family member, and could not bear to know Autumn might be cheating on him.

"Charles is very busy in his work recently. I called him a moment ago but he is still working overtime," Autumn replied calmly. She paused for a while and turned to Rachel. "Miss Bai, now that both of you are here to have dinner too, why don't you join us?"

Autumn invited them with excitement and a soft smile on her face, but Rachel declined her invitation.

Since she already accomplished her goal, she did not see any reason to stay. She only wanted Edward to think Autumn was cheating on Charles with Roger after all.

"We would love to but we have to go," Rachel replied with a smile.

"Besides, we don't want to disturb you. Just enjoy your meal," she added.

Turning back to Edward, Rachel softly said, "Edward, let's sit over there instead."

Edward acknowledged Rachel and then pointedly warned Autumn, "Whether your surname is Zhao or Ye, remember that your husband is Charles. I would not let you go once I find out that you have done something wrong to him."

"I called Charles before I went here so you don't have to worry, uncle Edward. Our relationship is going strong and I would never forget that I am his wife. There is really nothing to worry about. I guess you should just mind your own business,"

Autumn replied with confidence.

Edward smirked, walking away in disbelief. "What the hell is Charles doing? He should be watching over his wife!" Edward exclaimed while holding the menu on his hand.

"Edward, this is none of our business. Let it be," Rachel said, acting indifferent while browsing the menu.

"I told Charles before when he wanted to marry Autumn that she seemed suspicious. See? It turns out that what I thought about her is right! She is even dating another man now," Rachel maliciously implied.

"Actually, I know Roger very well. He is a known gigolo in the entertainment circle. I was surprised to see her dating him despite his involvement in someone else's marriage. And to think, Autumn and Charles just got married recently!" Rachel further added.

"Do you think they are really having an affair?"

Rachel pointedly asked Edward.

Edward, however, felt unsure how to answer.

"They must be. Right?" Rachel calmly claimed.

"Edward, Charles is your nephew and the Lu family has a notable reputation. Do not let your family's name suffer a scandal," she said.

"I think you'd better warn Charles or else this woman will bring shame to his entire family."

"I understand. I know what to do," Edward said solemnly.

"Don't worry. I will definitely talk to him."
When Rachel and Edward left, Roger remained puzzled and surprised at the same time. "Mrs. Lu, I did not expect Rachel to be deceived by you since she herself is a cunning woman," he told Autumn.

"You know that I have no choice," Autumn said defensively.

"Well, we should leave now that we have completed this task," she added.

"I am afraid not. There is still one more thing to do," Roger said.

Looking annoyed, he told Autumn, "Rachel just sent me a message and asked me to send you back."

"That's ridiculous!"

Hearing this, Autumn frowned and asked, "Why would she do that? I drove here myself."

"I have no idea," Roger replied, embarrassed. "If she is asking me to do that, this must mean she is determined to falsely accuse you, so…" he surmised.
"Oh, I understand what she's trying to do. Well then, please send me back," Autumn replied with a smirk.

She could not wait to find out what Rachel had planned.



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