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(Let the show begins)

Roger shrugged his shoulders with resignation. "I don't know what good it will do her," he said.

"She just told me what to do, but not once did she say why," he told Autumn. "I'm thinking she really hates you, so you better watch your back."

"I know," Autumn nodded in agreement. She stepped aside to make a phone call that would introduce Roger to TV production teams. Turning to Roger, she said, "Thank you for warning me about Rachel's ploy. To show my appreciation, I have hooked you up with two TV crews, for starters."

"Thank you very much, Miss Zhao!" Roger cried out in joy.

The directors of these two teams were quite well known. And Roger bagging a role in any of their productions might just be the breakthrough he needed to become famous. So he could not thank Autumn enough for the opportunity.

In a clipped tone, she said, "Call me Mrs. Lu."

Roger was slightly embarrassed about his behavior, seeing Autumn's serious demeanor.

But he quickly recovered, putting on a smile. "So Mrs. Lu, what do you want me to do next?" Roger knew he owed Autumn a big favor and was determined to pay her back.

He suggested, "Do you want me to break up with Rachel and show her how mean I can be?"

"No, don't do that," she replied. "It's more important now to get along with Rachel. Say yes to whatever she asks of you. But remember, you must report all these to me. If you need my help, just let me know."

Then Autumn issued a warning. "You better not be playing games with me because I promise, you won't like the consequences."

Roger was quick to assure Autumn that he would stick to his part of the bargain.
"We both know that a man being used cannot be suspected, in the same way a suspected man cannot be used. Mrs. Lu, now that you have decided to cooperate with me, please believe I will not let you down. Besides, how can I forget what you did? You introduced me to excellent TV crews!"

Flashing a smile, Roger continued, "By the way, I'll probably need your help tonight with some acting."

Curious, Autumn arched her brow.

"And what do you need me to do?" she asked.

Roger laid out the scenario.

"I've made Rachel believe you're interested in me romantically. So, she demanded that I asked you out to dinner tonight," he began.

"She's been pushing me to do it, and I think if I fail to do that tonight, she'll drop me as her pawn."

Autumn thought about this for a moment then decided to go along with Roger's plan. "All right then. Since I happen to be free this evening, you can make reservations for dinner."

It was time to show Rachel that Autumn was also a good actress. She would cooperate with Roger and wait for Rachel's reaction.

As Roger was about to leave, Autumn called out, "Wait! There's something else. Will you please let me know if she is really pregnant?"

Roger shrugged and replied, "I will do that."

Remembering their plan, he added, "I will send you a message by phone when and where dinner will be later. Shall I pick you up?"

"There's no need for you to do that. I'll go there myself, but thank you," she politely refused.

She then escorted Roger to the elevator.
Isla was waiting when Autumn suddenly stepped in her office. She immediately got up, wasting no time in asking her friend about Roger.

"What is wrong with you, Autumn?" she demanded. "You know very well that Roger is one of Rachel's people. And you do know that he has an axe to the grind with you, which is why he keeps coming on to you. Why do you keep entertaining him?!"

Next to her parents and Aron, Autumn was the most important person in Isla's life. She had to deal with Aron, who just lost his father and now had problems with his uncle. But she was also concerned about Autumn and didn't want her friend to get into trouble.

Seeing Isla's concern, Autumn assured her. "Take it easy."

Smiling a bit, she said, "I know what I'm doing, so don't worry. Okay?"

Still, Isla frowned at her friend.

"Seriously, Autumn, what are you planning?"

"Well, I've already told Roger I am aware of his relationship with Rachel. And I threatened, then tempted him, to help me. He agreed."

She patted Isla's arm. "I would rather get Roger on my side than have to keep an eye on Rachel all the time. This way, I will know immediately whatever she's up to."

Isla wanted to object.

But she admitted Autumn's plan made sense. Still, she remained distrustful of Roger.

"You know Roger. Can you trust someone like him?" Isla asked worriedly.
"Ahhh… but you don't know Roger," Autumn told her friend.

After meeting the man several times, Autumn was finally able to read Roger clearly. Behind the glib and slick facade was a very ambitious man. And his goal was very clear: to be famous. This also happened to be his weakness.

Once a person's weakness was discovered, it became easy to control him. Roger was smart and shrewd and looked for people to help him achieve his goal. Knowing this, Autumn was not the slightest bit worried that Roger would betray her.

"Roger is shrewd. He's realized that it's not Rachel, but I, who can make him famous in just a short amount of time. That's why he will not deceive me," she said confidently. "Besides, it's better to trust someone who is closest to the enemy."

Autumn added, "Now that I've decided to cooperate with him, I need to trust him. I think no one is better equipped to help me deal with Rachel than Roger."

Isla let out a heavy sigh.

Despite being worried, she did support what Autumn was doing. "Just be careful and let me know if you need any help."

"Okay, stop worrying. It will be fine," Autumn assured her friend.

She smiled at the thought that she was blessed to have a close friend who cared so much about her.

Shen then suddenly remembered and asked, "By the way, Isla, how is Aron these days?"

She mentally kicked herself for being too self-absorbed.

"Is he in a better mood?" Autumn knew the man had been problematic lately. Isla shook her head. "No, he's still the same.

His father's death is quite a blow to him. He hasn't talked much lately. And he's often losing his temper. I think it's a good thing his uncle's family is back. Maybe their presence would distract him a bit from his loss."

Isla tried to muster a smile. "But I know he'll be back to normal sooner or later. So there's nothing to worry about."

Autumn kept quiet for a moment, thinking about what Isla said.

Then she switched the topic and asked, "Has there been a verdict in Wendy and Yvonne's case?" Isla replied, "No, not yet.

You have got to stop thinking about them, Autumn. It would be better to just concentrate on doing your job well and building a new life. Think of it this way, from now on they will no longer bother you."

Autumn sighed. "Yes, you're right, Isla."

Ever since she fainted which landed her in the hospital, Autumn had been trying to ignore the case, which caused a big stir in Y City. She would block discussions about the case. And she kept reminding herself that it was Wendy who killed her father, so she had to stop caring about the situation she was in.

Still, Wendy was her mother and it was painful to witness the horrible things happening without being able to do anything. As a result, the ambivalent feelings were causing her nightmares.

Before leaving the office, Autumn called Charles to say she would not be having dinner at home. Then she drove to the restaurant where Roger made reservations. The place was nice, the surroundings pleasant, the decor very western. Roger had been waiting for a while when Autumn arrived.

The moment he saw her, he stood up, gently pulled up a chair and sat her down. Handing her the menu, he said, "Order whatever you like."



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