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            Episode Thirty One

         Audrey's POV

I sighed after I told him that, we came into her mom's ward, I offered him the only available couch inside the VIP ward while I sat down beside my mom on the bed

    I kissed her forehead sighing heavily 
   "She's a darling even though she had been sick for such a long time "I said to no one in particular 
 "She's beautiful "Derek replied and I scoffed 
   "Yeah she is, people, relative and well-wishers back then said that I don't look like my mom cuz she's so beautiful "I exaggerated and all he could do is to nod, nod and nod

     "You really don't look like her, while your mom is a pretty damsel, you look just like a little frog left in the rain with no parents and people of goodwill to help you out "he blurted out slowly and I felt like my whole being began to boil

   "What did you just compare me with? "

"What else? "He gave a slight shrug irritating me the more 
  "Get the hell out now! Get out of here!!! "I yelled pointing to the exit door

    "I can't leave you, this is... Hey! I can't stay alone! "
  "Then Keep quiet and stop talking cattie!! "I fired back and he didn't speak even though I know he really wanted to 

   After two more hours at the hospital, we left for home 
  We reached home and then we came out of the car heading into the house
   "Bye! Tomorrow "I waved my hand to him when I stood infront of my room door 

 He came rushing to my side almost immediately 
   "Oh... "He mouthed and I nodded my head 
  How can a full-grown man like him be such a comedy guy in the night? 

I wonder what kind of woman will cope with his attitudes
   "Let me ask you a question Derek "
   "Go on"he mumbled his face looking so drawn 
   "Have you ever... I mean let me put it this way.. Have you ever dated before? "

He shook his head
   "No one"
"I know you won't cuz no one will cope with a nasty behavior like yours"
    "Why? "

  "Did you just say why? Now look at you pleading like a baby with me so I would sleep by your side 
  If someone who doesn't know you will think you're a pervert and trying to take advantage of someone 
   And then your nasty behavior, it makes people want to vomit Derek
   Ahhhhh! "I spat 

    He smirked 
  "Is that why no one can date me? Maybe that's why no one can date you either "
  "What did you just say? "

  "Nothing... Please just don't push me away from your room
  I'm your boyfriend, I'm your helper, I'm... I'm... I'm... I contracted you for Ten days cuz of this "

    "Whom did you contract? Huh! "
  "Don't get mad Audrey "he pushed his way into my room lying down on the bed 

   "Hey, get down right now! Don't even think of taking charge of the bed "I said to him but he clutched hard onto the duvet widespreading his legs on the bed.

"Hey get down"I hit him slightly but he didn't move so I held his two legs dragging him down from the bed 

  "Hey stop Audrey am falling down!! "He yelled before his butts landed on the ground in a thud 

  I giggled lightly climbing into the bed and spreading out my legs claiming victory over him until I felt myself moving on the bed 

  He was dragging me too!! 
   "Hey Derek! This is my room! 'I yelled trying to hold onto the foam but it was too late 

  I fell down leaving him to be the owner of the bed 
   I furiously stood up fighting for domination over the bed and that's when pillow fight began and slowly and gradually it was fun seeing all the tiny foams littered on the ground and then him smiling and hitting me so hard with a pillow while I retaliated feebly 

    Our chuckles, giggles and little laughs filled the room... 


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