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She's cold💧, he's rude😡



    Audrey's POV 

"Here let's dance to the soft music and celebrate before I leave you tomorrow "I suggested opening my arms to welcome him 

  He grabbed hold of my waist as we danced to the soft music which was playing 

  He jammed his forehead with mine as his soft breath fanned my nose 
   "What if I want to marry you? "He asked and I smirked 
  "I will refuse"

  "Why? "
  "Cuz I only knew you for 10 days "
   "But you dated me still"
  "Marriage is different from dating, a lifetime contract and short time contract isn't same thing "

 He hissed
    "What if I want to marry you in the future? "
  "I will accept "
  "Why? "
  "Cuz I will know you so much by then "
  "But you know me so much now"

  "Nope, apart from you being a baby at night and yelling at people, making them pay whenever they did something wrong to you 
   I don't think I know you apart from that"

  "But you know that I love you don't you? '
  "I know that but still, it might fade away with time"

  "Are you questioning my love to be that cheap? "He stopped shaking his body to the music and I too kept quiet 
  "Derek let's not fight"

  "I just want to tell you that my father and your father have already arranged our marriage"
    "What!!!! "
  "They said it have been arranged right before we met but my dad never knew it was you the first he saw you"

  Is he kidding me, I pulled away sitting down on a couch 
  I suddenly stood up, picked up my hand bag so I would go see my dad 
  "Where are you going? "
   "To see my dad "
 "Don't you want to marry me? "
  "I'm too young to face marriage troubles "
  He smirked 
  "But I really want to spend each day with you and not just 10 days with you 
  I want it to be forever "

  "Don't tell me you ignited this "
  "I didn't "
I hissed 
  What's all this?? 
  "I can't get married now, I have many things to do"

  "Something like what? "

"Something like finishing college, finding a job and then taking care of myself before I can think of marriage"
  "But you're the heiress to your dad's company "

  "I don't want to depend on my dad's company, my dad have two other sons apart from me and then a girl too!! I'm not an only child of my dad and besides am a mistake remember "

   "Stop hurting me with those words Audrey"
  "I don't intend to but I promise to get married to you in maybe three years time "
 "That's too long Audrey, I don't fancy that 
 What will people say when they've already printed our cards and sent invitations to prestigious men in the world? "

  "And all these is happening behind my back and you can't even tell me about it? "
  "They said I shouldn't tell you about it"

   I gulped hard
 "Why do you want to marry me? "
  "Cuz I love you, I love you"
  "Only that? Not because your dad is pushing you to do so? "

  "Noooooo, I love you Audrey, you know these past 10 days with you have been the most romantic days of my life
   I found love where I shouldn't find it
  I don't want to stay away from you for even a moment "

   I kept quiet just listening keenly at what he's saying 
   "Marry me Audrey, let's get married "

 I bit hard
    "You can do anything you want, getting a career and pursuing your dreams after we get married but don't step away from my house "

   "When is the marriage happening? "
  "Five days from now "

  "Five days!!! And I'm just knowing of it? "
  "I'm sorry Audrey but I thought you will be so happy about it being a surprise "

  I smiled, at least I managed to
   "I will marry you then "
  "Really?? "He hugged me lifting my legs off the ground and placing me on the couch 

  He kissed me pulling off his clothe and then mine... the rest was history.... 


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