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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


             Quatre Finale

         Derek's POV 
Nine days was already spent with me and she was leaving my house tommorow 
   I didn't want her to go but she had to, her dad wanted her and her mom back inside the house
   She's still his heiress and can't forget one thing, her mom is well again 

   Her dad likes me so much and hates it so much that he had been neglecting his daughter and mom for quite a long time 

  Though, he's gonna sign a contract with my dad atlast but u didn't let that butt in the way of how I feel about Audrey 

  But there's something which still baffles me up till now, 
I found love in a space of two weeks

   I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't stop laughing whenever I recall how we met 

   She walked into my room and I pretended to be sleeping 
  I felt her steps coming closer to my bed and I shot my eyes tighter 

  "Is he really sleeping? "She slapped my cheeks lightly and I jerked up
  "Ayish! Can't you be a little romantic for once in your life? Huh! "
  "Your food is ready"

  I sighed staring at the clothe she was wearing and how it gulped in her shapes and curves 
   "Did you cook it or... "

  "What if it were the maids who made the food? "
   "I'm not eating "
  "Stay hungry then psst! "
  'Hey! Be romantic just for once Audrey, who made it? "
  "Food is food Babe"

  My eyes widened cuz he called me babe, I pulled into the bed and wrapped my arms around her
   "Hmmmm"I hummed 

 "What's wrong with you Derek, dress up and let's go to school"
  "I want to stay like this with you for a while"

I closed my eyes resting my head on her back 
   "Audrey who made the food? "
  "I did, satisfied now? "
I hopped out of my bed rushing into the dining to eat

  The maids came around me to serve,
   One of them made a mistake allowing the juice she was carrying to spill on me

  My temper was back inside of me
 "What!! "
I began to rage, 
  "I'm sorry sir"
  "Sorry!! Do you know... "I kept quiet when I saw Audrey come into the room 

  "What's wrong? Why are you shouting? ''
  She asked me before her gaze went to the poor maid who was already crying 

   "Derek what happened "
  ''She spilled juice on me"I said calmly with my eyes not meeting hers
   "Hey leave us"she ordered them and they all left. 

  "Derek, are you gonna get all worked up cuz of this "
  "Does she know how much I bought... "
 "This clothe"she finished what I wanted to say 

  She sighed 
   "Here"she began to serve me herself 
  "Eat up and stop acting like a kid"

I scoffed digging into the food still grumbling 
  "Here "she collected the spoon from me
  "Let me feed you"she said and I warmed up to her 
 I smiled at her watching her scoop some stew into the spoon and then direct it to my lips

 I welcomed the spoon into my mouth smiling 
  I collected the spoon afterwards 
  "Here let me feed you too"I scooped some of the fried rice and then positioned it on her lips

  "Derek.. "She called softly but I urged her on and on until she ate from my spoon
   We both smiled feeding each other.... 


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