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            Episode Forty 

          Derek's POV 

When I saw her in my yellow top, my hands jumped up taking a sensual reaction down my spine 
   Her smooth soft legs stood out while she walked towards me, I gulped hard trying to control myself from her 

   I made her sit down on my laps to calm my already growing nerves for her but it rather drew me so much closer to her 

    I wrapped my hands around her tummy controlling my growing lust for her all of a sudden 
   "Why... Why did you wear these? "I stuttered

  "I didn't bring any clothes while coming "
  "Uh... You should've told the maids to get you clothes "

She stood up from my legs facing me
   "Don't you like seeing me wear your clothes, I thought it might make you happy "

   "It looks so good on you but tempting Audrey "I pointed still looking at her naked legs
   She looked away 
  "I'm sorry, I will take it off"
  "Don't, I love watching your body like how you appeared inside this clothe "

  She blushed sitting down on the bed with her legs coming out fully, I looked away again suddenly getting hot even though there was air-conditioning in the room

    "Derek, don't cry anymore okay? I'm here for you"
  I nodded my head 
  "And I will do anything that you want me to... "

I perked my brow at that little sentence she said 
   "... I mean if its within my power "she refrained and that made me to get up from my seat moving closer to the bed and standing infront of her

   "Can you do this one for me... " I said bending down and kissing her lips 
  "Yes "she replied when I removed my lips from hers

   I made another move which I guess took her off balance.

"And this one? "I kissed her neck which got her moving back ward and backward until her back landed on the bed

 Her eyes widened staring at me
   "And this one... "I kissed her forehead and she almost pushed me away slightly 

   "Don't you think.. "
  "I was just asking if you can do this, don't think too much small head "I cut her up lying beside her on the bed with our faces pointing up 

    We both took a glance at each other at the same time smiling after wards
   "Why? "
 She asked

  "Why what? "
  "Why don't you want me to wear your clothes? "
  I sat up to look directly into her face

   "Cuz you look so sexy in them to the extent that I almost lost my mind staring at you"
She blushed 

   "You wanna have s3x with me? "She asked directly at me
   "You want me to? "

  "Why? "
  "Cuz our relationship is still some days old"
   I smirked, she's right... We're just rushing things too fast 

     We both fell silent on the bed for some time until she began to speak again 
    "You know my mom told me that she used to think that she was the apple of my dad's eye until he introduced his secretary to her telling her that he wanted to get married to her and not my mom 

  She thought she wae dreaming and hallucinating until he gave her an invitation card 
   She was broken and shattered for the rest of her lives, my dad was too good to be true to her, he was a king but she was very wrong 

    After she learnt that she was pregnant with his baby, he tried to get back to my mom but couldn't cuz of that his witch wife! "She stopped talking almost getting tensed up so much 

   "I'm afraid of loving you Derek cuz you might hurt me in future"
  "I won't hurt you"
"That's what my dad told my mom back then"

   I kissed her lips for some minutes 
   'I will never leave you Audrey and I can bet my words on it"... 


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