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        Episode Thirty Nine

        Audrey's POV 

I watched him sleep before covering him up with a blanket and as I tried to leave, he grabbed hold of my hand pulling into him on the bed wrapping me up with his body 

   "Sleep here with me and don't go anywhere "he mumbled kissing my neck 
  I smiled playing with his arms which held my tummy loosely 
   "Do you know why I like you Audrey? "
  "Cuz you cannot be intimidated by anyone, no one can not even me"

I smiled listening to him, he's always sweeter and calmer in the night than in the day time 
   "You're the only one I have left apart from my dad "

    I sighed and hissed at the same time 
  "Sleep Derek and stop being a talkative, its already late "

   He stopped talking which meant that he had already started sleeping, I turned my face to him to see that he was wide awake staring at me 

   "What? "
  'What? "He repeated after me
  "Why are you looking at me like that? '
  He smirked kissing my forehead 
   "I'm still trying to figure out why I like you but I just can't "

"Then sleep"I said coldly closing my eyes up so I could sleep and u felt him laying my head on his chest 

      He began to caress my hair gently 
  "The first impression I had when I saw you wasn't pleasant at all but I know I felt something when the both of us fought for a seat 
   I must say Audrey that it was good you stepped on my shoes else you won't have been here with me"

   I smiled lightly still feigning to be asleep 
   "And here am I falling so deeply in love with you
  I wonder how I came to love you in just less than twelve days that we met "

   "You're making noise Derek, stop talking I want to sleep in peace "
  "Okay "

He patted my back until.... 
     I woke up and yawned before getting out of the bed
  A letter was by the side of the bed, 
  Don't go Audrey, 
  Went to burial service with my dad 
  Don't go please 

  I wasn't going to leave even if he didn't write this.

I washed my self and ate waiting for them to come back from the grave yard, I waited and waited and they seemed to not be coming until late in the evening, I saw plenty cars drive in to the compound 

   I saw Derek being led into the house by guards cuz he couldn't stand on his feet 
  He stood infront of me sobbing and that attitude drew tears to my eyes 

   "Its okay Derek, smile a bit okay"
  "Its all my fault Audrey'
  "Don't blame yourself too much Derek"

He hugged me crying on my shoulder
   I held him closer patting his back since my hand couldn't reach up to his shoulders without me stretching myself forward 
    "Are you okay now? "I asked him as he sat quietly by himself inside his room
   He turned to look at me, his eyes widened staring at me non-stop as if I was new to him

    "Are you okay now Derek? "
I repeated my question but he beckoned on me to come closer to him with his eyes still on my body 

   I went closer until I was standing infront of him, he gulped still staring at me
  I noticed it was because of the clothes I was wearing 
  His long top which stopped highly before my knee was drawing his attention to me that way 

  I didn't bring clothes with me and the ones I came with is already dirty, and I had no choice but to wear his clothes 

   He sat me down on his lap leaning his head on my back... 


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