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She's cold💧, he's rude😡

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          Episode Thirty eight 

         Derek's POV 

I never was a good son, I wasn't even there when she gave up the ghost 
  I didn't even see her one last time! I'm such a bad son! Why? I wasn't for once good to her but always nagging and nagging about her incessant naggings and annoying attitude towards me

  But now,I don't think I will be able to see her again, she's dead and gone.... I cried bitterly resting my head on Audrey's shoulders 

   I cried like I've never done before 
  I'm indeed rude and arrogant, if not why would she die? I didn't even go check up on her for the past six days that I left! 

    Oh my God! I miss her now!! Why? Why!!!! Why do you have to take her away?!! 
   She began to rub my back gently without speaking 
   I hicupped getting off her shoulder and then going into the car 
   "Can I come with you? "She asked but I was too angry and broken to answer that 

I ignored her driving off infront of her for home 
   I hit the steering wheel at intervals cuz of the boiling anger inside of me

    Tears strolled out of my eyes almost making me blind but I didn't mind 
   I packed my car inside the garage when I reached home and then I saw plenty of my mom's relatives and dad's too scattered all over the place but they weren't crying 

  They were grieving with face towels in their hands 
   I hurried in to the house and headed to mom's room so I could see her but the guards won't allow me get in

  "Don't touch me at all! Get off my way, I need to see her, I need to see my mom"I raged with tears gushing out almost every minute 

  I killed her, if I were a good son, she would have been better smiling as usual when she sees people 
  But now I don't think she will even smile for me again 

   The guards grabbed me and then sedated me as I dropped to the ground in a bunch...

I woke up later in the day to see myself lying down on a bed, my head hurts alot and I tried to recall want happened to me that got me lying down here on the bed 

   My dad came in with a heavy face 
   "Son"he began to weep coming closer to me 
  He hugged me and then we began to cry together 

   "I'm sorry Dad"
  "I'm sorry son"
We sobbed and sobbed for an hour before we suddenly stopped

  "She was the only woman I had eyes for "he said flatly 
   " She's the best mom I've ever known just.. Just that... Just that I was too stubborn to see that "I began to weep again 

She don't have to die, she deserves to live just like others 
  He patted my back continuously
 "She will be buried tommorow and... She's here to see you, she's been here since yesterday waiting for you"

    "Who? "
"Your girlfriend "
  My eyes widened when I saw her peeping into the room with her head popping in 

"Derek"I began to weep again.

Dad went out while she came running to me
   "Stop stop, stop crying, it won't bring her back to life "she hugged me patting my back as we both sat down on my bed.... 
     "I never realized what I have until I lost it"
  "That's why I'm trying so hard not to let my mom go so far away from me
  Seeing her in the future nagging, shouting and frustrating me sometimes is good as being dead Derek cuz I won't see her again and she won't shout again neither will she cook your delicious meals waiting for you to get home all day "

    I turned to look at her face
  "You're right Audrey, you're so right! "
  "That doesn't mean you have to blame yourself for her death"
  "I wasn't a good son! "
   "All you can do now is to promise her that you would be  a good son, she's gone but she still lives in your heart if you believe "

I paused for a while
   "I miss her so much Audrey"
 She smiled at me 
  "Of course you will miss her"
  "I did lean on her sometimes in my life "

   "Lean on me this time"
  "She was good to me too"
She smirked rubbing my hair 
 "I will be more good "
"She was.... "
"Hush those words and stop hurting yourself with it Derek "... 


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