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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


 EPISODE   Thirty seven

           Audrey's POV 

  "Here have some coffee"he said giving me a cup of coffee
 "I don't think I need it Derek thanks, stop torturing... "I ignored him getting up and walking into my room

     He soon came in after
   "I told you I hate this part of you which is cold"
He grumbled and I smiled
   "I'm fine, don't worry too much okay? "

   But that didn't seem to buy his mood
   "Derek...let's go see my mom in the hospital "I suggested and he nodded his head 

Five minutes later, 

We were out of the house, we hadn't even gone up the stairs to my mom's ward when Mr. Duke my dad called me

     I hissed almost cutting it up if not that he collected my phone from me
    "Don't pick it!! "I yelled but it was already too late, he was already speaking with my dad on the phone 

     "Here"he handed it to me after five minutes 
  I collected my phone, fixing it to my ear 
    "What Mr. Duke "

   "Is... Is... Is it true? "
 'What's true? "
"That you're not gay"
   "And who said I was? Junior right? For fuvk sake am not gay "

   "I believe it now that I saw you with a guy on the news "
  "Thanks "I wanted to hung up but he began to say further
   "Wait hold on, can I see you tommorow morning "
  I scoffed 
  "I'm afraid you can't see me Mr. Duke"

   "Can't you stop calling me Mr. Duke Audrey? "
  "I wish I could Mr. "

"Never mind, I just want to see you tommorow, please come I really want to see you"

  "I'm not coming "
  "Why? Is it because of your mom surgery? Oh... I was the one who led her into the VIP word and all the blood she's been fed with I buy them "

   "And how's that got to do with me? "I sighed hunging up on him
  He smirked staring at my face 
   "You have such a terrible family "

    "Really? "
"Yes "
  I sighed as we both walked into my mom's ward and then afterwards I went to the doctor's office 

   "Well Audrey, we are doing the surgery on her tomorrow you don't have to worry too much "
I beamed before muttering a thanks and then walking out of the room with him behind me

    We went back into my mom's ward and sat down, I held her warm hand into my mine, kissing her palm over and over again

    "You love your mom so much "
  "Who doesn't love his or her mom? "
I answered sarcastically 
   "Psst! Well not everyone does not even me, my mom is a bunch of annoying human being "

  "No mom isn't Derek and with your attitude, I think your mom is trying "
  He scoffed lightly 
   "Am I that rude? "
He asked and I began to laugh looking at him at intervals 
  "What did you just say? "
"Am I that rude and annoying? "He repeated and I scoffed

   "You're sooooooo rude Derek, no one can stay with you"
  "But you can, its been six days now "
   "That's me alone can stay with you, no one else not even if your bosom friend can stay "

   "I don't have a bosom friend "
  "That's because of your rude pompous attitude, no one wants to be lorded over Derek "I smiled lightly still rubbing my mom's palm on mine.

"Really.... "He wanted to say but his phone began to buzz before it started ringing 
   "Its my dad"he said before he picked it up bringing it to his ears 

  I could only hear what Derek was saying but never knew what his father was saying from the other end
   "What dad!! "
His eyes widened and then grew shaky as his phone fell off his hand if not that I dived in grabbing the phone before it reached the floor 
   "What's wrong? "I asked him but he couldn't speak, he was just shivering before he opened his mouth loudly to cry if not that I led him out of the ward

  He was stiff on me and couldn't even make a good step without stumbling 
  What did his father tell him to make him this way? 

    "What's wrong? 'I asked patting his back, after ten minutes, he grabbed my arm rushing out to where our car was parked 

   "What! What's wrong? "
  "My mom is dead! She died few minutes ago"he bursted even before we could get into the car 

   "That's bad, am sorry "I hugged him while he sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably... 


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