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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


            Episode Thirty six

      Derek's POV 

The looks on her face made me much happier, she loves surprises and am gonna be doing that for her all the time 

  "Let's go in"I held her arm and pulled her forward into the building 
  When we came in, it was empty and that's because I rented it too

    We settled on down on a chair and the waiter came forward 
   He handed the menu to me but I passed it to her 

   She began to flip through the pages not without her eyes with her eyes wandering around the whole place 

    "I want to eat pork and salad I think with some juice "
  He turned to me
  "I will eat whatever she wants to eat"

   We smiled at each other, as soon as the waiter left she began to glare at me
  "What? "
"What? "
"Why are you staring at me like that? "

   "Nothing, felt like looking at your face"
    "Really? Are you so impressed on how I improved? "

    "No, you just surprised me today and I owe you one Derek"
 I smirked as we both settled down when the waiter dropped our orders infront of us on the table.

"Whoa! "She mouthed which made me giggle as we both digged into the food

Hours later, 

  My chauffeur drove us to school cuz we had classes 
  We came out of the car and then all eyes were on the both of us, we didn't care holding hands with each other as we walked into the class

    We sat down next to each other and yet, all eyes poured at us
  I knew why, they were surprised that Audrey was holding a man when it was rumored that she's into women

    I smiled staring at her while she smiled back too
   But then, her friend Annie rushed to her side 

   "Oh my gosh! Where have you been all these while? "She asked smiling as she wanted to sit with her if not that she stood up almost immediately to face her 
  "Audrey are you with him? "She asked pointing at me
  I almost cut off that hand of hers for pointing at me, I almost hit her also cuz she's the one who made the news go viral on the internet

    "Yes Annie, what's it? "
  "But... "She frowned trying to touch her infront of the whole class 
  "Hey stop Annie, he's my boyfriend "

She was shocked staring at me
   "Aud.. Audrey "she stuttered as tears gathered around her eyes, she was so ready to cry 

   "I'm sorry Annie but I'm not gay!! "She shouted in a loud voice to the whole class
   "I thought you... "

  "I don't Annie, I like Derek and am dating him"
The whole class began to murmur, I smiled... 

  She turned her gaze to me eyeing me murderously like a monster 
  "I hate you Derek, "she began to weep
  'Do you know how much I love her? Have you ever been there for her? Have you... "

    "I will treat her right Annie, so don't mind
  I'm sorry Annie for taking her away from you"

She slapped me so hard on my face with her face soiled with tears 
   "Do you think everything is about sorry? "

She advanced towards me with all the rage she could muster, she came at me trying to hit me up 
   Audrey noticed my already boiling anger and then she stood in between us

    "Stop! "
  "Annie am sorry but I can't love a woman but a man"
  "So you say that all these time I'm with you, you never felt a thing for me? "

   She shook her head
   "So you used me all along? You made me a fool Audrey! Ahhhhh!! "
    "I told you many times but you won't listen"
 "Cut the crap Audrey! I will never forgive you for this! "

    Audrey was hurt, I noticed that, maybe we should go home .... I thought as I held her hand leading her out of the class and then soon we were on our way home... 


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