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She's cold💧, he's rude 


          Episode Thirty -Five

           Audrey's POV 

I released my lips from his and we glared at each other before the car came to a halt at a beach 

   They opened the car door for us and that's when he stood up straight so I will be able to get out before him

  I came out of the car and he followed me closely behind 
   I looked around the whole place and it was airy, beautiful but then empty, no one else is at this beach except the both of us apart from his guards

   "Why is this beach so dry of people? "I asked him and he smirked grabbing my arm and dragging me along with him

   "That's because I rented it"he replied me after we had gone upto two steps 
   "What! "
He rented all these? A whole beach? 

      "You're surprised? "
  'Why won't I be? I hate extravagant guys"I remarked and he hissed pulling me down to the ground after he sat down on the sandy ground

   I fell into him and right then my heart stopped, with my eyes fixed into his, I felt like kissing these bastard noisemaker once more.

He smiled into my face and then made me sit down beside him as as watched the cool breeze and the speedy rushing water of the beach 

   It was fun, I haven't been here with anyone and its fun to have fun with people sometimes 
   "You like it? "He asked me and I nodded 
  "Yes, haven't been here before and never knew I will come here with mr. Rude "

   "Me too coldie, I never wish to see you turn silent to me again, its just so frustrating "
   I giggled looking into his eyes

  "Here let's go to the river bank and have some fun"I nodded at what he said and then we got up holding each other palms we ran to the river bank feeling so refreshed as a cool breeze brushed into my hair, it kept my hair flying behind me and I smiled unend to him before we stopped standing almost inside the ocean 

   The water furiously rushed so fast coming towards us, I made to run away from it but he held me pulling me back into the ocean by holding my waist 

  It was the most terrifying feeling ever,
   "Stop! "I shouted to Derek trying to get away but he held me still laughing until the ocean splashed water at the both of us making wet.

"Owh!! 'I mouthed as he let me go as I nursed my wet clothes 
    "Come here"he held my hand again pulling me along with him

   "What for again? "
   "I'm hungry so let's go into town and eat"
  "But look my clothes is wet "
He paused sizing me up with his eyes 

    He clapped his hand twice and then his bodyguard came forward with a packaged bag 

  He opened it for me and then brought out a brand new pink short gown which I fell in love with immediately 

   "Oh my! I love it"
  "Go over there and put it on let's go"I nodded running off to the direction he pointed to me 

Few minutes later, 

  I came back to him wearing that pink dress of his, if suited me so well and my whole body curve stood out 
    "You look beautiful Audrey"

    "It suits you"he added holding my two hands and then twirling me around 
   I giggled looking at him be so happy cuz of a piece of fabric 

     "Damn! Its so beautiful on you"
  'Thanks "

"Thanks Derek let's go now "he followed me from behind as we went into the car and then it zoomed off 

He kept stealing glances at me which made me giggle each time I made eye contact with him

He's just changed today and I think I like this new him and not the bad one

    The car came to a halt infront of a gigantic, beautiful and well decorated restaurant 

     "Whoa! "I mouthed in awe staring at it
  "You like it? "
  I nodded my head 
  "I prepared it specially for you"

I was dumbstruck, he did this specially for me?? 
   "Really Derek? "I asked and he gave me a nod of the head

I didn't hesitate on getting out of the car so I could get a better view of it 

    And immediately my feet touched the ground, some dimming light decoration bursted out from no where shooting into the sky 

  I gasped in surprise, its so beautiful!! 
   "Here look up at the sky"he directed me and my gaze went there almost immediately 

   Whoa! Somekinda flashy sparkles was writing my name in the sky 

  The sparkles wrote and I couldn't speak for a moment... 


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