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             Episode Thirty three

         Audrey's POV 

 I opened my eyes softly when the sun rays hit my face and I sat up from the bed yawning loudly 
  Derek had gone out from my room already 

   I stamped my feet on the floor putting on my footwears with my two hands on my hair, I walked into the living room to see maids, guards and all different kind of people taking care of the whole building 

  I was shocked and surprised until I saw Derek emerge from his room
    He smiled at me
   "Hey did you sleep well? "He asked and I was too shock on what I had to answer at least he wasn't grumpy at all towards me

    "Hey! Two maids should go into her room and get her bath ready else I will fire you guys "
I chuckled 

 It was surprising me more than the way he amazed me
    "Here come, "he grabbed my hand sitting me down on the dining chair with all assorted foods and drinks scattered all over the table 

 My mouth salivated
    "Eat up, I made all these for you "
  "Why? How did you organize maids... "
   "Just eat up okay? "he dished out food for me into a plate to my own amazement 
    "Are you guys done with dressing her bath tub for her?? "He yelled out orders again and I got more puzzled

Am I dreaming? Why is he so nice today 
    "Derek "I called his name to be sure I wasn't dreaming and he looked up to my face smiling at me
   "Let's not fight again okay? "

   I began to eat stealing glances at him at intervals, what's in his mind? Why is he being so nice? 
   "You see Audrey, I don't want to fake it, my dad told me to be your boyfriend so you could be of great help to his company 
   Urm... That's why I asked you to be my girlfriend "

  "Its fine since I was going to use you too to achieve my aims from cleansing up my already soiled name "

   "Oh.. "He mouthed still looking at me eat 
   "Won't you eat? "I asked him and he shook his head 
 " I made everything specially for you"
  "Are you sure you didn't poison this food? "
 He frowned 
     "Why will I poison you? "
  "Cuz we don't like each other at all"I snapped, I scooped a spoonful of stew and sent it to his lips 
    "Here have a taste to be sure you won't poison me"I said and he opened his lips, taking the stew into his mouth 

    "Here what did I tell you? Am just in a good mood with you that's why am being nice don't ruin it"

   I nodded my head, even though I was curious and wanted to know more about his actions towards me I won't ask him until later before he changes to the annoying guy I used to know 

  Thirty minutes later, I stood up from the dining table really so full! 
   I can't remember the last time I ate so much and with so much satisfaction 
   "Are you okay? The maids have prepared your bath"
He said and i smiled or rather managed out one for him
   "Thanks "

   He nodded his head
   "Wash up let's go see the town and have fun like real couples,"
  "After we snap pictures and post on ig page so that people will see that am into men and not into girls"I added and he nodded with utmost excitement 

   I entered into my room and then to my bathroom to see a well decorated bathtub with red roses littered inside it 
   I never knew these Derek of a guy is even romantic 

    I scooped the soapy water and smelt it and gosh! It smelled so heavenly 
  "Hmmmm"I climbed into the tub gently after I pulled off my clothes ready to wash myself.

Few minutes later, 

I was dressed up, I made up my face and then heaved coming out of the room with a pair of red high heels and a red hand bag with touch of white short gown spotted with red dots 

   Derek behold me and his gaze was like that of a distant human being who met a new creature 
  He too was dressed up to leave with me

   I smiled
  "You look good I must say"I said trying so hard not to spoil the happy mood
  "You too, you look so beautiful in your ugly stature "
I frowned
   "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spoil this happy mood"

   "Better be sorry Derek "I grinned walking out as he followed me closely behind 
   The body guards opened the car door for us and we got in as they closed it again 

Soon, the chauffeur started driving 
   "I want to tell you something Audrey "
   "Which is? "
  "Let's learn to tolerate each other's harsh and awkward behavior "

   "I'm so glad you know that your behavior is awkward"she chipped in 
   "Are you still angry with me about what I said earlier? "
   "Suit yourself "


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