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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


                Episode Thirty Three 

         Derek's POV 

Whoa! I wish this kind of happy mood can continue forever, 
   It was probably the first time I saw her smile so whole heartedly to me
    She hit my head with a pillow while I hit her back on her butts and then her head ruffling her hair and leaving it scattered all over face 

 "Hey stop now! "She giggled but I didn't want this to end, it was the first time I'm having a good time with her and we are not fighting 

     She made to hit me while I had that same intention too, so we ended colliding into each other as we fell to the bed with me on top of her 

My heart missed a bit and I noticed that her heart did same thing cuz the kind of glares she gave me told me she was as nervous as me all of a sudden 

    We peered into each other's eyes for a long time before she spoke up
    "Get off me"she said coldly and I fell back to the bed beside her panting for breath 

   We were silent for a while before she spoke up again 
   "Why do you feel scared every night? "
   I hissed too happy and tensed up to the extent that I wasn't ready to grudge or bear hard feelings

   "Well, i'm like that, I always feel like nights are for dead ghost and I might see them if I'm alone"

She chuckled sitting up properly so she could look into my face 
   "What do you hate? Ghost or nights? "

 "Why both? "
  "Cuz ghost and night walk together "
  "So you're gonna say that you hate horror movies? "
  I nodded my head looking so terrified by the mention of HORROR
   "I don't even wanna see them, they're so creepy"

  "People acted it so why get scared? "
  "Its different.. The feeling I get is so different Audrey and it can scare someone to death! Whenever I close my eyes I behold strange shadows as if they want to come and snatch me!! "I yelled in a fearful voice curling up together against myself 

 She began to laugh.

"Hey its not funny "I said but soon began to laugh with her when she laughed non stop at me
  "Alright alright so if I go now? Who will stay with you? "

   Good question but doesn't have an answer just yet 
  "Let's not talk about it just yet"I said sighing as I faced upwards likewise her too

    "Well, you still have a good home, your mom doesn't hate you, your dad doesn't either even your siblings don't hate you "she said sighing at intervals 

   I listened keenly to her 
  "You know the pain of being a heiress to a family who doesn't recognize your existence all because you're a bastard 
   A fucking bastard! Two guys mistake!! You know sometimes I tell myself that I don't deserve to be alive atleast not to that family who doesn't deserve me at all
  I know they're the one who pulled a stunt about I having an affair with my fellow girl which makes and labels me a gay in the whole world now" she rattled off again 

   I took a glance at her face and it was pale and full of hatred for an unimaginary person in the room
   "Are there homes who are like that? 'I asked her 

   "Home like how? "
  "Like... Where they will be strugling to get your rights out of your hands? "
  "Exactly Derek, you are in a good home where both your mom and dad wanted you and gave birth to you 
  Mine... I'm a mistake, a bastard and then a girl!! Which they're trying so hard to single me out of the family "

   She's been through a lot 
  "Do you know when I started catering for myself Derek? "
  "No"I shook my head pitying her so much 
  I was such a fool to add myself to her burden, maybe that's why she's cold and always reserved to herself 
    "I was eighteen, I have different kind of part time jobs which I work for "
  "I'm sorry"I mumbled 

  "Don't pity me Derek, I hate being pitied like you're doing now 
  But... All I want to do now is... Since you're my boyfriend for the next seven days, I will use you partly to get myself out from some mess "

   That's the same thing my dad wanted me to do with her 
    "So... Derek I've told you the reason why you might think and cold.. Now tell me why you're so rude"

    I smirked at that question, I haven't thought about myself being so rude or having a reason for being so
   "Well I don't know... I haven't given myself a thought before "
    "... Cuz your life is perfect "she chipped in
  "You know guys with perfect lives are mostly rude and pompous about themselves "
She added 

     "Really?... Maybe that's true... Having a rich dad, being an heir and everyone being at your beck and call as you're busy controlling and firing them "

   "That's the point, the perfect life in the circle, life are different and we must learn to suit into each other's taste "

    I nodded at her intelligent quotes, sleep began to arrest my eyes even though I never wanted to sleep cuz tonight was one of the nights I can never forget... 


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