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She's cold💧, he's rude 😡


          Episode Thirty 

          Derek's POV 

I didn't speak to her, I just left her walking into my room, it was getting dark and if I talk too much, she might be so wicked to me tonight 

   Soon, she knocked on my door and came in without my permission 
   "So, the maid said your food is ready"
   "So?? "
  "I'm leaving to go see my mom at the hospital "

I jerked up almost immediately 
   "Its late already! Can't you see its getting dark? "I asked with fear for myself if she left 

   "So? The maid is around, you can have her for all you want and as for me I'm going out to go see my mom in the hospital "immediately she left the room, I jerked out of the bed, wore my footwear and then followed her behind 

   "Don't you think I will Come with you? "I mumbled making her stop in her tracks to look at me
  "So now you're a good guy? Huh! No don't come with me okay? Go and eat your meal!! "

  She fired walking towards the door but I followed her still 
  "What's it Derek? Leave me alone!! "

"Can I come with you? "I asked pleading 
  She sighed 
  "I'm your boyfriend remember?? "
  "Boyfriend that is as rude as ever! So annoying and revengeful.. I know that in the night like now, you will turn into a good guy while you're certainly not! "

    "I'm sorry about anything I said to you but let me come with you "
  She rolled her eyes at me
  "I'm still your boyfriend Honey"

  "Don't honey me at all so you won't get me upset the more"
   "But I'm sorry now, stop talking too much"

  She didn't even say a word to me again, she went out of the house and I followed her still 
  "What Derek! What?? Get back into the house!! "

   "I want to come with you "
 She fell silent for a while regarding me with the corner of her eyes 

  "Okay fine fine but you must behave, "

I collected my car keys from one of my chauffeurs speeding off my car after we both were inside of it.

Minutes later, 

We were inside the hospital whivh she said her mom was admitted 
  "This hospital is poor"I mumbled and she shot me a very deadly glare 
  "Don't start just yet "
"I'm sorry"
  'Whatever "she hissed walking into her mom's ward 

 Whoa! Her mom even though she was on a life supporting machine, oxygen and all other facilities and health equipment fixed into her, she's still beautiful! 

  More beautiful than this ugly fowl with the heart of a rock 
   "I'm coming back wait up here" she said trying to leave but I refused to stay 

   "No I'm coming with you, I'm scared of this whole place please "
 She heaved making me follow her, we went into the doctor's ward and he beamed seeing her 

   "Good evening doctor"
  "Yes yes, Isabel, welcome gentleman "
I nodded
   "Your boyfriend? "He asked admiring him
  'Yes... No.. I mean its kind of complicated "
  "She's my girlfriend "

  "Its fine just that you're from a rich home likewise her too but... "
  "Dr. "Audrey hit the table to get him back to his senses

   "Oh yeah, your mom is fine for now but we're still looking for a matching donor for the kidney "

I was surprised, she never mentioned it that her mom was suffering from a kidney problem 

  "Oh I get it"
She nodded her head with dissappointment written all over her face 

   "I will just go and see her before leaving then "she said smiling as she got up leaving while I followed her from behind 

   "You never told me your mom needed a kidney transplant, that's a huge problem "
"Yes?? "

   "Don't act like you care please, I understand you better that way"...


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