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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


             Episode Twenty -Nine

        Audrey's POV 
Why is he so annoying all the time? 
    I rolled my eyes at him and just then our orders arrived 

We ate in silent until I was okay likewise him too
   The table was cleared up and we both relaxed back for some minutes before I told him that I want to go home, I have lectures and I need to see my mom who's in the hospital and how far they've progressed in the surgery 

   I don't know if they've gotten a donor just yet 
   "I'm not yet ready to leave "he replied me
   I sighed 
  "I didn't say you should leave when you don't want to just yet... Get me some money so I can take a cab "

   "Why are you so annoying Audrey? I thought you talking back at me is nicer but its just worst!
   Being silent with me is okay Audrey just ignore me like you used to everytime please"

  "All these talk because I want to go home?... Fine let's seat and mop at each other big head! "

   "What did you just call me? "
  "What you heard me say? "
We fell silent glaring at each other and cursing under our breath 

    He softened a bit 
  "Uhm... I brought you here so that erm... Let's be in a relationship "
  My jaw dropped as a hearty laughter fell out of my throat 

   "Its just for the remaining days of yours stay, that's all... I can't date your type and you know it"he added and I felt the idea to be nice 

  I have seven days remaining, only a week and I will be so done with him and besides that I can use him to quench everyone's claim that I'm a gay 

    I beamed at the idea 
  "Its cool, yeah.. Let's date "I replied and he scoffed 
  "Does it mean that law we drafted days ago is still available? "

   "Why not? You want to touch me or fall in love with me? Don't even try that "
  "And who said I will? I'm just asking questions don't get me wrong all the time "

"Dhurr! Whatever, just don't fall in love with me.... So I'm your girlfriend now right? "

  "And am your boyfriend... The only problem now is that you're annoying "
  "That's true, you're as annoying as hell Derek 
Even your name is so annoying "

    He scoffed bringing out his phone positioning it infront of me
   "What are you trying to do? "I asked covering my face so he won't do what he want to do with that phone of his 

  "Try to snap you, so stay calm"he said and I did stay a little bit calm for him to snap me, two shots of sounding from his phone and I asked him to stop 

    "You're so ugly, nahhhh I can't believe you're my girlfriend for seven days "he mumbled zooming the picture he snapped of me boldly and then to the smallest size 

   "You're not handsome either, let's endure it Derek, seven days is almost here "I consoled in mocking way.

Few hours later, 

They were home, they sighed slumping on each of the sofas while the little maid go about the business of the house 

    "Hey! "He called the maid when she came into the living room to greet them 
   "Yes sir? "

  "Why are you looking at me like that? "He asked the maid rudely which made me give a loud smirk 

   "Why won't she look at you? Are you God? '
  "I wasn't talking to you Audrey... Get me some fruit salad with Chicken broth for me to eat"

    "Yes sir"she left and he turned to look at me
   "What's that for? You almost humiliated me infromt of a maid"
   "So? Is your life more precious and more happier than hers? "
  "What! '

"Oh cut the crap Derek and stop acting you own the world"


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