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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


            Episode Twenty -seven 

         Audrey's POV 

I didn't know when I kissed him out of happiness, when I removed my lips from his 
   He was dumbstruck just like me but I didn't mind 

   "Thanks so much Derek, the most beautiful thing you've ever done in your life is this"I chuckled looking at the cheque non-stop and almost immediately too, I ran out of the house heading for the hospital to see my mom first before cashing it out

   I can't believe I'm holding my mom's life just right now in my hand 
   When I came into the hospital, I saw some nurses carrying my mom in a stretcher heading somewhere in a hurry  

   My heart beat faster 
  "What's wrong "I asked running with them to wherever they're going 
   "To the VIP section"

My eyes widened 
   "VIP?? What for? "
  "Someone ordered it to be so"

   "Derek "I mumbled beaming all of a sudden
  I didn't mind that as far as it wasn't nothing serious wrong with my mom
   I ran into the doctor's office dropping the cheque on his table 

  "Here it is "I shouted laughing so hard 
  That's how I felt, I'm so happy about it at least my mom won't die afterall.

He smiled back at me
  "Wow!.. Well... I think the surgery will begin very soon then "
  I was more than happy 
   "Thanks so much doctor "I shook his hand going out of his office as I rushed into my mom's new ward

     I sat down beside her on a stool, I held her fingers into mine
    "Mom, I got it for you... Yeah! I did it so well mom! I know you're proud of me wherever you're but you won't say
    You will get better soon"I said before I rose up kissing her cheeks and forehead which was pale as ever 

   I left the ward, even the hospital rushing back home to prepare for school 
  I'm just too happy today, Derek did it for me! Whoooo!! 

  The taxi dropped me off infront of his house and I came out 
   I ran into the house to behold a new maid in the house 

     Derek was shouting out orders to her 
   I smirked moving in to my room but he stopped me 
   "Here, we're going somewhere now, wash up and let's go"

   "Where? "
  "Somewhere? "
 "Where? "
  "I said somewhere!!! "

I hissed
   "A date? "
"Why will I date you? "
  "I should be asking you that? "
  "Its not a date "
  "Whatever, I'm going, I'm too happy today to get angry with you"

   "Know better "
  "What did you say? "I asked when I didn't hear what he mumbled out 
  "I'm waiting "

I heaved going into the room to prepare myself so I would be able to leave with him.

Hour later 

  I was all dressed up, I came out of the room wearing a red flowing gown with my hair dropping on each side of my shoulders 

   I smiled cat walking into the room, he saw me and his gaze stucked with me until I cleared my throat, that's when he looked away from me
  "Let's go"he said clapping his hands and then his bodyguards came out of nowhere following us from behind 

 They opened the car door for us and we both went in as they closed the door softly and gently after us 

    I sighed when the car started moving sluggishly until it balanced so well on the highway, it sped off 

     Reaching a very popular rich restaurant, the car pulled up to a stop and then the bodyguards rushed around again to open the door for us

  We came out after that and Derek turned to me for the first time since we started this journey 

  "Here hold my hand "he offered me his palm so I can hold onto it
   "Why? "
He sighed 
    "Must you ask questions all the time? "
  "I don't want to hold your hand"
I snapped at him

  "Fine!! "We walked into the restaurant like that 
  No one was in here except the both of us
  We sat down at a corner and then the waitresses and waiters rushed to our side so they would take our orders 

   "Sir, ma what do you want? I mean wanna take? "
  "Ask her first"
"No, ask him first"

He rolled his eyes at me... 


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