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She's cold💧, he's rude 😡


       EPISODE      Twenty-Six

         Derek's POV 

He led me out and then began to smile 
    "Do you know how happy I am that you're dating that girl? "He asked chuckling 

If only he knew that am not dating her at all
     "I don't know"I shrugged our glances going back to where Audrey was sitting down on the couch 
   Really? I have to work as a maid for that short creature is eating me up so much 

     "She's Mr. Duke's daughter "he announced 
  I smirked cuz I knew that already but what's so special about Mr. Duke when he's only but a bastard, a mistake mr. Duke made back then? 

    "So?? "
  "She's the chain to our breakthrough in sales"he sounded happy almost jumping up
    "Sales? What sales?? "
   "Look, its business okay... I will tell you about that later but now... Win her over and over again 
   We have ample chances of pulling Mr. Duke to our side through her daughter "

    "How? "
 "See, the news read out that her daughter is a gay and he feels like his image is tarnished already 
  So all you have to do is prove that wrong by coming out officially as her boyfriend "

   I nearly coughed and said that am not dating her for real but I kept quiet 
    "Officially?? "
  "Yes, you will calm the nerves of some people especially him okay?"
   "I don't think I can do this dad"

   "Why? Isn't she your girlfriend? "
 "She's not "
His mouth fell open staring at me like someone he have not seen before 

    "What do you mean by that? "
I narrated to him what had been happening between I and Audrey and he sighed 
   "I will foot her mom's hospital bills, where's my cheque"he brought out his cheque, opened it and flipped through the pages looking for an empty one which have not been tampered with.

He scribbled and then tore a page out handing it to me
   "Here is a cheque of $200000 dollars Derek"
  "Dad! "I stared at him surprised "I'm not dating her"

   "Date her huh! Help dad for once and the future company of yours "
   "She's not my type! "
  "We aren't talking of types here Derek 
   We're talking business okay? "

   I gulped hard stealing a glance to her 
    "But... "
  "No buts"
  "I mean I can't be a maid for her "
  "You have to, don't push her to the edge to the extent of making her leave you"

   "She has a ten days contract with me and she has eight days left "
  I reminded him of what I said earlier to him
    He sighed 
  "So? "
  "She will leave when everything elapse, what if she refuse to date me? "

     "Why won't she accept? You're rich and... "
   "Her dad is richer yet, she didn't ask her dad to help her mom remember dad? She's not moved by money fancy "

   "Then seduce her to love you Derek! Aren't you a man? "
  He patted my shoulder and left ne all alone walking into the room again to meet Audrey 

    I followed him in too 
    "Another time Audrey, I've spoken to him, he won't pressure you so much again"

She nodded and winked at me to go and wash the clothes in the laundry 
  I scoffed loudly 
I'm gonna get another maid, I can't work for these thing sitting on the couch like a ball.

Dad left and I heaved heavily 
   "Whoop! Mighty Derek is my Maid now! Calls for celebration! "She yelled before I threw the cheque to her

She caught it reading the contents 
  "What's this for? "
"What does it look like its for? "

    "I don't know"
  "For your mom's surgery dumb head "

Her eyes lit up before she jumped into me in utmost excitement 
   "Thanks so much Derek "she hugged me passionately and I stood rooted watching her strange actions 
   "Oh my... "She kissed me.. 


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