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            Episode Twenty -Five
       Audrey's POV 

I rushed into my room almost immediately to see a mess I did to my room! 
    Oh my! How much did I drink last night to make me misbehave? 
   Arrrgghh! I rushed into the bathroom, grabbed mop and a clean water with a detergent, I rushed into my room again to clean up everything I did... 

Minutes later, 

Every where was sparking clean, I yawned already hungry 
  I came into the living room to meet him already dressed and seated on the couch watching his early morning programme

   "Here"he pointed to the heap of clothes on the floor afar off the other end of the living room
   "My clothes!! "I shouted rushing to it, they were all badly stained with vomit 
   "How did... "
  "I used them to clean up all your mess"he interrupted humming to himself 

  I bit hard feeling like I should just squeeze him
   "And my clothes too, but they're already in the laundry room
  Wash everything! Including my pyjamas which you wore 
   Girls don't wear my clothes so you are the first to do so"

    "All these because I drank? I'm not sure I did all these, youre trapping me somehow and you know it"

   "Why will I trap you? "
He asked and just then a knock came at the door.

"Go get the door"he ordered me but I hissed taking the pile of clothes into the laundry room to get them washed 

   "I said you should come and get the door! "He echoed and I hissed again dumping the clothes on the floor of the laundry before I came back to the living room

   "Go get the door"he repeated 
  "Do that your self"I snapped 
  "I think bastards... "
  "Don't call me bastard Derek! "
"That's what... "

  "Hey! Are you guys fighting? "His dad's voice was heard as he came into the room
  I guess he was the one knocking few minutes ago.

We both fell silent looking at him
   "Hey dad! "He cooed to his father 
   "Good morning "I greeted him 
 He smiled at me
    "You guys fighting? "He asked the both of us staring from me to him 
   He sat me down beside him forcefully 
   "No we're not fighting dad"he feigned a smile at me before giving me an unimaginary peck on my cheek if not that I pushed his face away 

     "Hey babe, what's up? "He spoke politely trying to cuddle me but I wasn't in the mood for his pretence so I pushed him away again 

    "What's the matter with you two? "
   "Your son is such a pain! "I replied him
  "What did he do this time? I told you he's so rude and very hard to be with"

    "Father! "
"Yes Derek "he turned to me hissing 
   "What did he do? "
  "He over works me everyday, I wash, clean and cooks for him... "

   "You came back home so drunk last night "he snapped at me
   "I didn't, you fed me... "
 We began to argue and shout unend to each other until we heard:
    "Enough!!! "
We both fell silent 
   "Derek from now onward, wash everything washable, cook, do everything in the house "

   I looked at him with surprise 
   "Father!! "
  "Do as I said "
  "Why? I can't do that! I won't!!! "
   "Follow me now, I want to tell you something "
He dragged him out to a corner 

   I began to laugh, what did the old man just say? 
He's my maid... Haha haha haha haha


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