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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


        Episode Thirty four  

          Derek's POV 

 I don't know why I just want to be gentle to her, is it because of the discussion we had last night? 
  Or because I got to know why she's such a cold person or because of what my dad told me about his company... No it can't be that cuz I don't want it to be

    "I'm not angry just that I want to be"she said turning her face to look at me
   "I wanted to ask this question for a long time now "

  "Go on"

"Were you that happy to the extent that you kissed me the last time I gave you a cheque "

  Her mouth parted lightly before she nodded
    "That's how I'm like when am so happy "
  I nearly coughed 
    "So you kiss anyone whenever you're happy to that extent? "

 She nodded 
   "But not every guy, "
My face became drawn
   "That's my first kiss with any girl "
 She turned her head to look at me
    "Really? I'm sorry "
I nodded my head but that doesn't mean her gaze left me
  She began to laugh 
   "I see that's why you're not able to date "
  "Meaning? "

  "No girl can keep up with your attitude "she laughed 
  "Psst! What about you? "I asked shifting closer to her on the seat
    She didn't speak 
  I began to look at her lips which kissed me back then, I brought my face closer to hers but she began to shift until her head landed on the car seat with me almost ontop of her if not for our little distance 

     "Wh... What do you think you're doing? "She stuttered her gaze not meeting mine 
  "I asked you a question, why aren't you dating too? "

   My mouth was a step away from hers so I could feel her breath against my own lips 
  "Cuz I don't want to"

  "No, cuz no guy can keep up with your cold attitude "
  My breath fanned her face 
  She stared at my lips for a while before she looked away 

    "Get.. Get off me... "I slammed my lips into hers 
The feeling was strange and out of the blues, my heart pounded heavily against my chest, this is the first time am feeling this way for some one 

   I removed my lips from hers 
   "I just wanted to feel the way I felt the last time you kissed me"
  Her lips parted lightly staring at me with so much surprise in her face and eyes 

   I began to distance myself from her until he pulled me back into her kissing me herself this time.

My eyes were wide open looking at her closed eyes as she kissed me so deep and hot changing her position from my upper lips to my lower lips

    I closed my eyes enjoying the soft moist and pleasures which followed her kiss 
   She suddenly broke off 
  "You want to feel that again? "She asked smiling and I didn't even answer, I fixed my lips into hers and this time, we both were kissing each other 

   Five minutes seemed like the end of the world for the both of us cuz I've never felt this way for someone 
   My heart was pounding so hard against my chest 

  She wasn't cold afterall... I let my left palm hold the back of her left neck with her soft hair resting on them
   I wanted to kiss her more bur then she broke off to catch some breath 

  Maybe I shouldn't beat about the bush, I wouldn't deny it that I feel strange around her and I must admit it 
    "Are you okay? "I asked her and she nodded her head 

   "Audrey "I called her name softly as her soft gaze penetrated into my eyes 
  "Huh... "
 "I think I like you"
  "You said am not beautiful and am not your type "

  "I didn't mean that"I defended with my gaze peering directly at her face 
   "What was our rule? "
"You won "
   "You said am short"
  "And that's why I like you more"
She kept mute looking deeply into my eyes 

  "We're dating already "
"No Audrey, I mean we won't end it when your 10 day is over 
  I want to date you"

 She kept mute for a while with her gaze still all over my face 
   "What about what you told me about your dad... I mean I thought we're going to use each other? "

   "I won't use you but you can use me if you want"
  "You're changed Derek, you are not shouting at me today "
   "That's because I got to know you better and I like you"

  "How can you like someone in just five days? "
  I didn't speak, I just fixed my lips into hers again.... 


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