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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


             Episode twenty-Eight 

        Derek's POV

How can I date a girl like her? Always annoying! Every single minute she's just so ready to annoy me

   "Get me a glass of wine that's all"
  "What kind of wine please? "
  "I think Red roses or perhaps Vodka is fine "

  They turned to Audrey 
  "Not interested in taking anything "
 Oh my! 
  "You don't want to take anything! How can you come to a restaurant and say you don't want to take anything "

  "You brought me here remember? "
   "Do you love annoying me all the time? "
  "I should be asking you that Derek... Not interested in anything mr and Mrs please "

   I heaved biting my lower lips 
  I got up from my seat,held her hand dragging her with me out of the restaurant 

   "Let my hand go! "She pulled her hand away from me forcefully 
  "Let's go somewhere else Audrey since you don't like this place "

    She rolled her eyes at me
  "Why? Why are you taking me anywhere at all? "
   "I needed to while away my time for a bit that's it "
She scoffed 
  "Why don't you while away your fuvking time with these guards of yours? "
  "Audrey you're annoying!! "
  "Then take me home!! "

We gasped for breath glaring at each other angrily 
   I sighed a little trying to find away to pin her stupid ego down for a minute 
   "Why did I sign a contract with you for ten days? "

    She remained silent at my question 
  I smirked stepping closer to her 
  "Cuz I will need you for ten days! I have fulfilled your own part of the deal so fulfill yours! "

I left her there standing as I walked into the car, the next few minutes she was still standing not moving an inch from where she stood 
  "Aren't you getting in? "I asked and she turned to my direction 

 She walked towards me till she was inside the car 
   I hissed, 
 They closed the door and then my chauffeur drove off again 

   "To the Maxchavell's party hall downtown please"I said as calm as possible 
  She didn't speak throughout the journey until we came to a halt infront of the hall
 The car came to a halt again and the car door was opened for us again 
   We came out and she didn't speak to me, she made her way in and was relaxing on one of the big pink sofas by the time I met her 

No one was in here except the both of us 
  She didn't even look at me making me wonder why she hae turned cold again all of a sudden 

    'Hey"Maxchavell cooed at me when he got to us 
  "Hey"I smirked at him and he turned his gaze to Audrey who had her leg crossed on top of her other leg half concentrating at the both of us 

     "That's your girlfriend? "
  "Well urm.. "She batted me a glare which made me not to ever think of saying yes 
  "Well.. "I shrugged smiling at him as he chuckled 
   "She's about to be right? She's beautiful "he admired winking at her and that made her smile 

 "Is she? "I asked and he nodded 
  "Yes so much... What do I offer you pretty lady? "He replied me and then turned to Audrey 

   "Nothing pretty much, just hamburger, fried egg and chicken, pepperoni garnished with so much pepper... I mean it must be so spicy 
  And erm.. I think that's all for now with some glass of orange juice "

    My eyes widened, never knew that these chunk of shortie is such a eater! 
  All that for only her? Huh!!.

"Okay pretty.. "He turned to me"and you my boss? "
"Well, get me whatever you get for her"

He nodded and left so he could get our orders for us
  I sat down beside her watching her cold face which didn't manage to look at me at all

    I don't think I like these part of her, even though she insults me a lot and annoys me
  I like her better when she's talking and not when she turns cold and don't talk to anyone 

     "Aren't you going to talk? "
  She didn't even say a word to me 
  "Really? You aren't going to speak to me? "
  No reply, she only gave me a stare and then turned her head away to another direction 

    "Hey, really? I'm gonna fire you if you don't talk to me now! "
  "I wish you can fire me cuz you're so so so so so annoying Derek! "


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