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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 38🎀

Naomi's POV 🎀

Two Years Later ♥️
‘Mmmmh two years and you still smell like heaven'..I whispered as I stroked My husband's chest..

‘Happy anniversary Princess Naomi Montero'..He whispered back and kissed me softly on the lips.

‘Mmmh same to you Prince Harrison'..I murmured lazily and he propped me on top of his body..

‘So how should we celebrate two years of not killing each other??'..He asked and I chuckled warmly like a teenager..

‘Killing each other?? Our marriage has been very blissful and romantic dear wife even though you're such a pain sometimes'..He said.

‘Hmmm does being a pain means making love to you every Saturday morning even when tired??'..I asked.

‘Well you're always busy with your business and all so weekend is the only time we have for each other'..He replied and I kissed the tip of the nose..

We both came out of the bed and wearing matching robes,we proceeded downstairs only for me to see a very huge flower statue of my name..

‘Awww baby??'..

‘Like I said before,happy anniversary sweetheart'..He said and handed me a glass of champagne..

‘Well I guess I should reduce the way i drink judging from the fact that there'll be four of us soon'..


‘Ohh that's my anniversary gift, it's nothing special but I was waiting until the right moment to break the news to you'.I said and handed him an envelope which was brought by a maid..

He opened it and pulled out the ultrasound of the scan i had last week and then it dawned on him.

‘Naomi are you...

‘Yeah I'm expecting and it's twins your highness'..I said and in so much excitement he lifted me off my feet and kissed me hard on the mouth..

‘How did I get so lucky??'..

‘That is a question for another day my love'..

So that's it..

I was hired as a wedding planner but instead I fell in love with a prince and now my story has a happy ever after with me expecting twins..

Never let anyone stop you from being happy .m

Be You
Do You
For You.


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