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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 32~🌹

Amelia's POV cont'd 🌹

Something just tells me that everything about Bryan acting so chill is just so so wrong especially when he wouldn't even look into my eyes and tell me what's really going on..

‘Bryan if I find out that something's wrong from someone else I promise I will never forgive you'..I finally threatened him and he resigned..

‘The doctor said there's been some complications with your pregnancy and it might be very dangerous for—

‘I'm keeping the baby'..


‘I don't care what some doctor thinks Bryan I'm keeping the baby,this happens Everytime and these stupid doctors always over exaggerate so as to suck money off people'..I yanwed and changed into my normal clothes..

‘Amy this isn't some scrape on your knee it's your life and our baby's life we're talking about here!!'..He groaned..

‘Yeah and my life is much more complicated than this nonsense Bryan!! It all began with a One night stand and then I began searching for a guy named Connor O'Brien,and then the whole world thinks I'm having the BILLIONAIRE'S BABY! And now you're telling me that the baby is in danger??'..The tears started welling up in my eyes and he wrapped his arms around me..

‘We are pretty much too young to be going through stuffs like this Amelia and I guess I'm also part of the complication judging from the fact that I was a total d**k on the first day'..

‘Yeah you were a total d**k and now look at us, we're married and now we're hugging each other in the hospital'..I couldn't help but laugh and then someone passed us..


‘Just hold on Amelia I think I just saw my dead brother!'..

1 comment:

  1. So Conor is really Bryan's brother, he will surely want to claim Amelia's baby



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