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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 37🎀
       (Final Episode)

Naomi's POV 🎀

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Mmmmh I need to take a shower Harry'..I murmured as Prince Harry started kissing my naked body all over again..

I forgave him last night and instead of going back to the palace we stayed in a hotel instead and made love all through the night..

I thought it was going to be boring and gentle but Harry is a totally different person in bed and he proved it last night..

‘I am not done with you yet'..He whispered and kissed the tip of my nose..

‘Well I am also not done with you yet prince charming'..I said in a very flirtatious tone and he pulled me back into his arms..

‘Well we could—

‘After I have breakfast and take a shower'..I stopped him immediately and when he tried to protest I shushed him up with my finger...

‘So how is Jacob doing then??'..He asked as I stepped under the iron head and turned on the hot water which was very much satisfying than I expected..

‘Well seems like he's on his way to New York with his new bride'..I replied..

‘New bride?? Did he...

‘Yes he married Elizabeth right there in the church'..

‘Hmmm in that case'..He drawled and when I turned around he was inside with me in the shower...

‘You are insatiable'..I sighed deeply and he chuckled warmly..

‘Well this is an uncanny place and way to say this but you do want to be a princess??'..He asked and my eyes lit up..

‘What are you saying??"..

‘Well to become a princess you'd have to marry a prince and that's exactly what I want for you to be my—

‘Ohh Harry of course I'll marry you you clumsy son of a queen!!'..I bursted into laughter and he kissed the tip of my nose..

‘Well now that that's settled where were we??'..

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