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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 35🎀
(Quarter Finale)

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

At The Cathedral,👰⛪
‘We are gathered here to witness the holy matrimony and solemnization of our beloved brother and sister in Christ—Prince Harrison and Princess Elizabeth'..The priest started..

I just couldn't look into Elizabeth's eyes and tell her the truth.

She looks so happy and I can't bear to break her heart??.

‘Harry there's something I have to tell you'..She whispered as the priest began giving a sermon about marriage and the troubles of it.

‘Can it wait please??'..I replied in a whisper and I turned my head around only to see Naomi walking into the church much to the amazement of everyone...

‘What is she doing here?'.. Elizabeth asked again in a whisper and I shrugged lightly..

‘I don't know'..

‘Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife Prince Harry,in sickness and in health,for richer for poorer till death do you part??'..He asked and I glanced back at Naomi who had tears coming down from her eyes..

‘I do'..I replied with a lump in my throat and she ran away from the church..

Oh God..

‘And do you—

‘STOP THIS WEDDING!!!'...Someone screamed from the congregation and it happened to be none other than Jacob Culligan..

‘What is the problem young sir?'..The priest asked him..

‘The problem?? The problem is that these two don't even love each other!! Harrison is in love with my sister much more than you know it and I am in love with Elizabeth here!!'..He yelled and everyone gasped..


I was totally not expecting that!!..

‘Jacob what are you doing??'..

‘Well at least I'm not a coward for saying the truth Prince Harry,you are a goddamn coward if you let Naomi leave for Taiwan without having a proper goodbye ready for her!! You are a coward!!'..He said and I clenched my fists..

It hurts so much because he's saying the truth..

‘Is this true Elizabeth?? That you love him??'.. Elizabeth's father asked and she tore off her veil.

‘It's true father!! I don't love Harrison!! I don't even want to marry him so screw this wedding!!'..She replied and hugged Jacob..

What have I done??...

Naomi watched me tell Elizabeth the ‘I do' word and now she thinks otherwise of me..

Jacob is absolutely right..

I am a coward and a terrible one at that..

‘It's not too late Harrison,go get your woman'..Mother urged me and I nodded,then bolted out of the church...

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