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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 34🎀

Prince Harry's POV 🎀

The Wedding Day ⛪👰
I stared at myself in the mirror and heaved a very sad sigh as I adjusted the bowtie on my neck.

Mother appeared next to me and she placed her hands on my shoulder like she wanted to give me her blessing for something I didn't know yet.

‘It's not too late to turn back Harrison'..She muttered and my brows perked up.

‘What are you—

‘It's not too late for you to leave,there's a car waiting for you.Take it and go find Naomi I'm pretty sure she loves you'..She said and handed the keys to me..

‘No'..I gently turned her down.


‘No mother I'm not going anywhere I'm going to marry Elizabeth'.

‘But Harry??'..

‘What mother?!! I've made my decision so please let me think in peace okay?! You and father wanted this to happen and now it's happening so please just leave it be!!'..

Princess Elizabeth's POV 🎀

‘Are you going to go through with it?? Marry Harrison i mean'..Jacob asked as he leaned onto my doorway just as I slipped into my wedding dress..

‘It's my duty Jacob'..I managed to say through my ragged breath..

‘Your duty?? He doesn't even love you and you know that!! You don't even love him Elizabeth!'..He said aloud and I clenched my fists lightly..

‘It is my duty Jacob whether you like it or not it's my duty and I intend to keep it that way,I'm sorry but it's what I have to do'..

‘So what about us?? Those sneaky nights we had,those notes you sent,the chocolates I stash under your bed what about all of it?'..He asked and my eyes watered..

Nobody knows about my affair with Jacob..

It was supposed to be just a fling all because I was jealous of the way Harrison and Naomi were spending time together..

I didn't know I would fall in love with him??..

‘I'm sorry Jacob but I—

‘Call off the wedding Elizabeth you do not want to do this,you know Harry is very much in love with my sister and she left because she wants you to be happy.Call off the wedding Elizabeth you'll be doing everyone a lot of—

‘Jacob just stop!!! Just stop okay?!! This is what I was born to do and I am going to do it!! I love you more than you know it but I also have a duty so I am going to marry Harry! If you can't take the heat then leave the kitchen!!'..I screamed in tears and he nodded..

‘Okay then,I wish you a happy married life Princess'..

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