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🎀(In love with the Royal groom)👗

     🎀 Episode 33🎀

Naomi's POV cont'd 🎀

‘It's pretty much very simple Nana—Not meant to be'..I sighed deeply as I purchased a gallon of ice cream and she smiled..

‘Who says it's not meant to be??'..

‘The universe Nana,look he's a prince and I'm a second rated event planner who is likely going to quit'..I snapped and dug into my ice cream pain..

Besides I only left because it was the best for everyone..

Harry deserves to be with a woman of his Calibre not with who is busy eating chocolate chip ice cream like it's my last day on Earth..

‘And by that you mean??'..

‘His father threatened me and I had to leave to save him,look can we just stop talking about this Nana?? I'm sick and tired of being the unlucky one in the Culligan family!! Look at Ken—He's very successful and married with kids!! Look at Jacob!! He's a great Multitasker and he's doing everything so perfectly fine!! But I'm the—

‘Just shut up Naomi!! The only reason you're this way is because you over underestimate yourself and it affects you from the moon and back!! What do you think your mother would say when she sees you like this?! Do you think I opened my doors all just so you could talk about how miserable you are?!'..She yelled and I sighed deeply.

‘No Nana'.

‘Good.Now you're going to book the next flight ticket to Mon—


‘Listen to me Naomi!! You are going to book the next plane ticket and you're going to let your prince charming know how much you love him and if you don't then I'll just release the nude picture of you old famer Hampton to took when you were 18!'..


‘You deserve a chance at happiness and I'm not going to let you loose it Naomi! Not ever and not again'..

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