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(Zen pummeled the stewards(1)

Zen was so excited that he could barely sleep for more than half an hour.

The following morning, Zen was made to wear the leather armor before being escorted from the cellar in handcuffs.

Now that he had entered the bone refining level, his body produced a qualitative change. Although subtle, the change could be noticed in the way he walked. His gait was more relaxed, more coordinated, and more labor-saving for him.

If it hadn't been for the cuffs that limited his movements, Zen felt as though he could have made a run for it.

Zen was surprised when he saw that instead of the Martial Arts Hall, the guards were taking him elsewhere.

Although the Luo residence occupied a large area, it was planned well. In addition to the Martial Arts Hall, the residence had a Council Pavilion, Planting Park, and Weapon Refining workshop. Everything was well-planned and built in the vestibule part of the residence.

Zen looked around as he walked. He remembered that this path led to the inner area of the residence. Once they reached, the guards guided him down a narrower path that seemed to lead to the backyard of the Luo residence!

Zen's brow wrinkled, but he did not say anything. 'Let's wait and see where they are taking me, ' he thought.

Zen had not been to the backyard in a long time. He quietly observed the changes as he walked. The houses for his uncles and their families had been added to the Luo residence, along with several pavilions, and open halls. Once outside, Zen noticed that they had even made a few ponds, built bridges over them, and added a waterside pavilion pool.

The workmanship for these new buildings was exquisite. Each new building had high roofs supported by intricately carved beams. Dragons painted in gold glimmered under the early morning sun.

After seeing what his uncles had done to the residence, Zen could not help but wonder. Although the Luo's were a rich family, only the stronger people survived in this world. For a warrior, glory and wealth should be the last things to think about. If a family like his was content with the present glory and wealth and didn't pursue something more important, it wouldn't end up well surely.

Therefore, he believed that the Luo Clan would be ruined by his uncles sooner or later.

After the guards led Zen through a garden with a pond, they guided him through a narrow passage that led to a second yard.

There he saw two people enjoying tea.

When Zen looked carefully, he realized that one of them was Darren, the steward who had disappeared for two days. The other person was dressed in rich, satin clothing. He looked much older than fifty. Zen raised a brow as he recognized the second man to be Grey Huang. At one point, he too, had been a servant in the Luo Clan.

Grey Huang's wife had been the nanny to Andrew Luo. He was Zen's younger uncle's oldest son. Grey Huang was very good at patronizing. Perhaps that was what finally led to the elevation in his status within the Luo Clan.

From what Zen had heard from the gossip of the guards, his two uncles had been growing in influence and power. Since Grey Huang worked for them, his status had risen as well. He was a senior steward in the Luo Clan now. Since Grey was ambitious and thought highly of himself, he didn't pay muce attention to Luo's collateral relatives.

Zen had heard about his arrogance before.

From where he was standing, Zen could hear what Darren said to Grey Huang, "This house awarded by Master Andrew really is a masterpiece. If my memory serves me right, the jade dragon carved on the door plaque is made from corundum seed. That is very good material, right?"

Grey Huang chuckled and replied, "Only you would notice this kind of things. If you look carefully, you'll see other treasures aside from this jade dragon. The roof has been designed with encaustic tiles. And that copper lion statue was made by the best craftsmen of C County..."

Darren appreciated each artifact. It seemed as though no expense had been spared. Thoughtfully he said to Grey, "Your house is perfect, but it lacks one thing."

"I have everything I want in my house. Why do you say something is lacking?" Grey Huang replied proudly.

Darren chortled as he replied," You lack capable servants. You need someone who is smart and hardworking. Someone knowledgeable enough to help you with your daily diet. I have just the right person for you!"

"Really? Who is this person?" Grey Huang asked out of curiosity.

Darren pointed toward the yard's entrance and said, "Grey, look!"

Grey Huang turned in the direction where Darren was pointing and saw Zen. Standing in handcuffs was the former, famous young master of the Luo Clan.

How could he not recognize Zen?

Zen heard what Darren and Grey Huang were talking about. His blood boiled at Darren's suggestion. 'How dare those two dogs take such liberties?'

Although Zen was a slave, Darren had no right to offer him as a servant to a steward in the Luo Clan. Grey's family name was not even Luo! Zen was very offended.

Even the collateral relatives in Luo Clan did not dare to be too unreasonable in front of him, after all Zen was still the oldest son of the oldest branch of the Luo Clan.

'How dare Darren urge Grey Huang to take him as a servant?' he thought.

Grey Huang studied Zen from head to toe. A smile filled his old wrinkled face. "Employing this kid to take care of my diet is not a bad idea. But will my master, Master Andrew be okay with it?"

"Don't worry, Grey, you take care of all the affairs of the Luo Clan. You can easily dispatch Zen from the Martial Arts Hall and reassign him to your residence.

Zen is an insignificant slave now. Being beaten at the Martial Arts Hall as a punchbag every day is his only purpose here. It will be more convenient for him to be your servant. His worst job will be cleaning fecal matter." Grey Huang couldn't help but smile at the thought.

People like Grey Huang who had climbed from the bottom of society to the top, took their reputation seriously.

And now, the former young master of the Luo Clan was going to clean his dirt. It was indeed an interesting proposal. Grey Huang nodded to show his agreement.

"You won't be sorry!" Darren said with a smile when he saw Grey's reaction. Then Darren nodded and stood before ordering one of the guards to escort Zen in.

However, Zen was rooted to his spot. He was reluctant to move a muscle till Darren's men attempted to push him.


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