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(Zen Pummeled the steward(2)

Although these people had strength, they could not move Zen who had reached the bone refining level.

Zen's feet were like a wedge smashed by a hammer, deeply nailed to the ground. The servants used all their strength, and yet, they couldn't move Zen. Their bodies were covered in sweat with the effort. They even panted as though out of breath and energy. Seeing this, Darren said, "Zen, I am giving you a chance to serve Grey. It's better than being beaten every day. Don't be difficult!"

Fierceness flashed in Zen's eyes. He took a deep breath and contracted his ribs.

Since he had reached the bone refining level, he could muster his energy to retaliate. He stood still and directed his energy out like thunder.

The ground shook violently, like an explosion. All the servants, including Grey and Darren covered their ears as a loud pitch followed the tremors.

"Grey Huang! Darren Fang!" Zen shouted. "Even if my uncle, Bryson Luo were here, he wouldn't dare to ask me to be his servant. You two are merely servants in the Luo Clan. You have the guts to be so arrogant? I do not know who gave you the courage to dare to think of such nonsense."

Zen's power scared Darren and he took a step back. Grey Huang stood still.

Darren had intentionally brought Zen here. His purpose was to let Grey Huang deal with Zen. When he saw Zen's angry face, he knew he was close to success, because Grey's biggest taboo was others trying to disrespect him. Zen was definitely in real trouble now.

Grey Huang stood motionlessly. He seemed calm. With narrowed eyes he said, "Zen, do not forget your situation now. You are a servant not the young master. Perrin is the young master now. It is your honor to serve me."

"Shut up!"

Zen forcibly pushed the servants that had grabbed him.

Grey Huang patiently witnessed Zen's struggle before asking, "Do you want to rebel? In accordance with the Clan's rules, you will be executed for rebelling."
Zen laughed loudly while walking forward. He sneered, "Family rules? How can an outsider like you dare to talk about my family rules in front of me? Let me teach you what my family's rules are!"

As Zen readied himself to beat Grey Huang, he maximized his strength.

"Zen, don't you dare! If you hit me, Master Andrew will never let you go. Besides, you are just a powerless punchbag in the Luo Clan. Aren't you afraid of being beaten to death?" Grey Huang said calmly.


The sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed through the yard. Zen slapped Grey across the face. There was no restraining him now. He took another step forward, grabbed Grey's collar and hit him across the face a few more times.

Grey Huang's wrinkled face paled with Zen's onslaught. The former young master's fingerprints were clearly imprinted on Grey Huang's half swollen face. With each slap, a fine spray of blood had burst out. Zen smiled as he noticed that Grey's face now looked like a pig's, swollen and red. Darren's whole body trembled when he saw what happened.

"According to the Luo Clan's rules, those who talk a lot of nonsense and reproach others with no evidence shall be punished."


"According to the Luo Clan's rules, those who oppress others and are conceited shall be punished."


"According to the Luo Clan's rules, those who sow discord and turn matters upside down shall be punished."


""According to the Luo Clan's rules..."


Every slap was so hard that it made Grey Huang spit blood.

Darren was trembling by now. It was so terrible... Darren and Grey were surprised.

Zen had been a slave for such a long time. He had been obedient and he had quietly swallowed all insults. How dare he slap Grey?

Whatt they hadn't thought of was that Zen was not being obedient. He simply chose to be non-fussed about the insults. Hearing all the commotion, several children of the Luo Clan gathered in the yard. They witnessed Zen's actions. Each one of them was equally surprised.

Grey had acted in an outrageous way due to his connection to Andrew Luo. He was delusional enough to believe himself to be equal to a master in the Luo family. Some of these children had been bullied by Grey Huang, but they hadn't retaliated because of his current position.

Grey Huang was unaware of how much he was hated by the people who served him. He was equally oblivious to the hatred these children felt toward him. Today, someone had decided to teach him a lesson.


these children, though young, were capable of understanding that arrogance was related to allegiance and support. Grey Huang had grown arrogant because of his relationship with Andrew Luo.

Although Grey Huang behaved arrogantly in front of other people, when in the presence of the second branch and the third branch of the Luo Clan, he behaved in an extremely humble manner.

Regardless, it was not appropriate for a slave to beat the steward in this way. Zen was in big trouble now. Everyone knew that what Zen had done would lead to his death.

Zen slapped Grey a few times before stopping. Grey Huang's face was by now, a bloody and badly mutilated mess. Even his neatly tied hair had become a mess of blood and tissue.

Grey Huang weakly opened his mouth to threaten Zen after his unfortunate beating.

"You, you wait and see how..."

Before Grey Huang could finish, Zen slapped him on the face again. Grey Huang fell to the ground.

After teaching Grey Huang a lesson, Zen's gaze turned toward Darren.

Upon realizing his fate, Darren could not help but tremble. "Zen Luo, keep in mind that you are just a slave." Darren yelled and stepped backwards.

"What's wrong with being a slave?" Zen stalked Darren slowly as he spoke.

"Don't you dare to offend me! My position is higher than yours!" Darren shouted in an attempt to deter Zen.

"What is a low position? What is a high position? My family name is Luo. Even though I am a slave, I'm still a Luo! And you forget that my fist is stronger than yours. I am above you! My strength is more than yours. I am above you! My Kung Fu is better than yours. I am above you!"

Zen forcefully muttered from between clenched teeth as he took meaningful and threatening steps toward Darren. He lashed out quickly and grabbed Darren.

Having reached the bone refining level, Zen had gained more confidence. His strength had grown as well. Zen felt the power run through him as he raised his hand to strike Darren.

The slap was so hard, and the sound of the impact so loud that even the onlookers were terrified.

Once Zen had beaten Darren, he threw him toward Grey Huang. Both servants screamed in pain as their bodies collided. Zen lifted his chin in superiority as he said, "Let today be a lesson to you both. Remember to respect other people not just their positions!"

Then he turned around and walked away. The Luo children and servants who had crowded around the three men to watch the spectacle, immediately cleared a path when they saw Zen heading for the door.


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