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(Fight tooth and nail (2)

Ryan realized Zen's predicament, and a big, cynical grin grew on his handsome face. His eyes narrowed as he studied his target. Ryan knew that Zen had potential. His combat experience and his skills had given Ryan a challenge.

Although Zen had come from a low-level clan, he had a strong mind and excellent cultivation abilities.

However, Zen had sealed his fate when he dared to offend the Fang Clan.

Killing him during the blooded test and ensuring that Zen could no longer attain his dream, which had been spun by faith, willpower, and endeavor, were very alluring for Ryan. It made the blooded test more interesting.

Zen stood in the corner. The filament net was behind him. If he took even one small step backward, the net would cut him into small pieces. He would die right away. Ryan stalked toward Zen. A thick layer of chaotic filaments writhed in his hand.

For Zen, this seemed like the end. 'Alas, will I lose this time?'

Zen did not want to lose. He could retake the blooded test and join Cloud Sect next month! But he had worked hard and thought that he deserved this win.

Every time Zen thought of Yan and her predicament, he felt pressed for time.

She was trapped in Hell Mountain, and he had no idea what had happened to her. Equally, Yan had no clue what was happening in their Clan. A small voice inside Zen kept urging him forward. 'Don't waste time. Hurry up! You have to save Yan as soon as possible!' were the thoughts that drove Zen to accomplish his goals.

'The filaments are lethal, and I am trapped. What can I do? My bones withstood Evil Lan's attacks. Perhaps they are strong enough to resist damage from the filaments.' In his moment of despair, Zen stumbled on a risky but brilliant idea. He decided to roll the dice

He put one of his hands behind his back and touched the net with one finger.

The moment his finger touched the net, Zen felt a sharp pain. He knew that the filaments had cut through the skin of his finger. In spite of the agonizing pain, he pushed his finger a little further. It was time to test his theory! The bones of his finger successfully stopped the filaments.

'Aha, my bones can resist the damage of the filaments!' Zen was thrilled!

He cast a sideways glance at his finger and found a shallow scar on the bone.

The filaments had also hurt his finger bones, however, the filaments had been unable to cut through. His bones could resist the cutting force of the filaments! 'Well, let me fight tooth and nail!

I am in the magic array. No hurt I get is real. Even if I risk my life, I will not die for real. The worst thing that can happen is that I will be removed from the test. It is not such a big deal.'

Zen was determined not to let Ryan get his way without a proper fight. Now that he knew that his body could handle the filament's cutting force, Zen planned to surprise Ryan. He waited quietly as Ryan approached him, step by step.

When Ryan was just one step away from him, Zen raised his arms to protect his face and pounced on Ryan!

Ryan was stunned. He knew how dreadful the cutting force of the filaments could be, and so his first thought was that Zen was out of his mind. However, Ryan soon regained his composure. 'How dare Zen pounce on the filaments like this? Doesn't he know that he would be cut into small pieces by the filaments?

Is he surrendering so hopelessly?'

At that moment, not just Ryan but also the masters paying close attention to the fight thought so.

It seemed to them Zen would be knocked out of the blooded test.

Zen's decision did not change how the masters felt about his potential. A strong warrior would not be crippled by defeat.

Instead, he could stage a comeback in the next test. Joining Cloud Sect should not be too hard for Zen.

The masters had thought of everything. They had planned to find out where Zen lived as they intended to visit him after the blooded test. Regardless of the result of the test, they wanted to show some kindness to him. Finding a disciple like him was rare.

All the masters stared at their picture slabs when Zen pounced on Ryan.

Zen felt the filaments cut into the skin on his arms and legs. As the filaments worked their way through his flesh, tissue, and muscle, the pain became unbearable. Zen gritted his teeth and pushed forward. There was no option for retreat.

At last, the filaments stopped when they reached the bones and failed to cut through. As expected, his bones could resist the cutting force of the filaments!

Ryan thought Zen would be cut into small pieces by the filaments, but to his surprise, Zen was wounded, but not shredded.

Startled, Ryan stared at Zen. Taking advantage of this situation, Zen punched him in the face. The force used by Zen was so strong that Ryan's pretty face was badly mutilated with the first blow.

Even so, Zen still managed to catch the shock reflecting in Ryan's eyes.

Ryan was known as the elite among the disciples from noble clans, and he deserved the title. In spite of slow response, he twisted his body, roared, and tried to stab Zen in the abdomen with the dagger.

But Zen had foreseen the attack. He quickly seized Ryan's arm and hit Ryan with his elbow. Ryan returned the attack with his other hand. They were locked in a dogfight.

Over and over, both of them rolled on the ground, like two children fighting.

The difference was that their attacks were intended to kill the opponent on the spot.

The two men didn't follow any particular movements nor techniques of martial arts during the fight. They simply followed bodily resistance to attack.

Who could be better than Zen in bodily resistance to attack?

Slowly, as time went by, Ryan became weaker and weaker. His body could barely resist Zen's attacks. Zen closed his eyes for a brief moment and called forth the eerie purple light. Then before Ryan realized what was happening, Zen punched Ryan three times.

Each fist carried the full force of the Purple Fist Strength.

Muffled sounds came from Ryan's body.
Since Zen could manage seven damages with each blow of the Purple Fist Strength, twenty-one lesions could be worked on Ryan's body. Ryan could not help but writhe in pain.

Panic overwhelmed him as Ryan realized that he had lost.

Seconds later, bright light spots enclosed Ryan, and he disappeared from the Bloody Mountain. Although he had lost, Ryan couldn't help wondering what Zen's body was made of and why his dagger and the filaments had failed to cut him into pieces.

Now the fight was over, and they had a winner. Obviously, Ryan was out.



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