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(Bloody mountain (2)

A second later, the monkey leaped into the air. It had been aiming for the tree, but since Zen had broken the tree before it could reach it, the mane monkey flew straight toward Zen.

Zen smiled when his plan worked. The monkey had no way to escape this time.
However, as the mane monkey approached Zen, it gave out a fierce cry.

Then its eyes glowed a deep red before it emitted a squeak. In the next instant, its body turned red, and the mane of the whole body bristled.

Zen found the monkey's unusual move. A sense of danger filled Zen. He covered his head with his hands and drew back in horror.

Before Zen could retreat two steps, the mane monkey's body grew twice as large.


The mane monkey's body suddenly exploded. The noise was deafening! When the dust settled, Zen saw that the explosion had left a huge hole in the ground. The needles from the monkey's mane were scattered in all directions by the force of the explosion.

At the time of its death, the monkey had released its mane needles with such force that they were firmly lodged in Zen's body.

"I didn't expect a second-degree phantom beast to have such a powerful attack," Zen said in surprise as he pulled out the mane needles one by one. If he had not stepped back, he could have been hurt by the mane needles.

The classification of unreal beasts was similar to that of men. The one main difference was that many unreal monsters could burst with incomparable innate power when faced with a survival crisis.

After handling the steel needles in his body, Zen approached the pit and found a piece of yellow crystal fragment in the center. Only 30 yellow crystal fragments were needed to pass the test. That was certainly a much smaller number than the green crystals!

Of course, the monsters he had to deal with were a lot more fierce.

Just as Zen was preparing to put away the crystal fragment, a voice boomed through the forest.

"Put that crystal down and get out of here!"

On hearing the words, Zen frowned. When he turned, Zen saw three men standing behind him. Judging by their clothes, Zen knew that these three men were disciples from noble clans. It was possible that they might be from the same clan. Only the children from noble clans would dare to rob someone so openly.

"I killed this beast. So this crystal fragment belongs to me. Why should I put the piece down?" Zen asked.

One of three men answered, "Cut the crap, or you'll suffer the consequences! We are from the Fang Clan. Anger our family, and you won't have a chance to regret it."

"My brother is right. You can learn lessons from the mistakes of others. All those who did not listen to our family died miserably!" Another man said.

"Turn in your crystal fragment, or we will kill you!" The third man said.

Zen held the yellow crystal fragment in his hand. The expression on his face conveyed that Zen didn't have the patience to deal with such arrogance. In fact, all the novelty he had seen after he reached the Imperial Capital made him feel relaxed and happy, except for the children of the noble clans. Words would fail to describe the attitude of such people.

Leaving aside the strength of the children from noble clans, what they had done was so rampant and outrageous that they seemed to look down upon everything in the world.

It was perhaps their noble birth and their superior living environment that made them forget that what others feared was not the children, but the power of their family clan.

Zen put the crystal fragment in his pocket and prepared to leave. He did not bother to spend more time rationalizing with these men.

But the three men were determined not to let him go. They rushed forward quickly, encircled Zen, and then they began closing in on him.

They thought that since they had all reached the marrow refining level, it would be easy for them to defeat Zen, who was only at the organ refining level.
But in Zen's view, they were too slow. It could be seen at a glance that they had been trained from childhood. However, their strength had been increased by pills. They lacked actual combat and practice experience, and hence, their weaknesses were apparent.

At this time, Zen stood with his back to the three men. As the three men pounced on him, Zen took a step back and easily avoided their attack. At the same time, he quickly circled behind them and reached out to grab two men by the back of their necks.

"Let go of me. If you touch me, my family will kill you!"

"No one has dared to hold me like this. I will never forgive you. I will cut you into a thousand pieces and watch as you die painfully!"

The two men looked flustered. They hadn't expected their strength to be so weak that they had no power to fight back. However, they did show true characteristics of children from noble clans. Even when caught, they felt they could win by threatening their captor.

Zen sneered. He lifted his arms and slammed the two men's heads into each other brutally.


The two men were "killed" by the force Zen had used. Like the mane monkey Zen had just killed, their bodies turned into spots of light that disappeared slowly.

If they had not been in the magic array of the Bloody Mountain, the two men would have truly died. Their heads would have broken into pieces with the force Zen had used.

Fortunately, they were in the Blooded Test, in which all participants were a phantom illusion. Hence, these two men had not been hurt. Since they had died in the test, a light had enclosed them. Now they would wait for the Cloud Sect's instructors to transport them outside the Bloody Mountain. In any case, they had failed the Blooded Test.

The original intention of the Blooded Test could be seen here. In the Bloody Mountain, everyone competed with not only the phantom beasts but also with other disciples.

And the use of the magic array would effectively avoid real death.

Seeing the two companions had been taken out, the remaining man took a few steps back in surprise. His expression showed the fear he felt. His rampant and arrogant attitude had been swept away.

As soon as the shock wore off, he shouted, "My family... My Family..."

But Zen didn't let him finish. He growled at the man. "If you don't want to die as well, hand over all the crystal fragments you have. No matter how powerful your family is, they can't save you now!" After saying this, Zen took a step toward the man.

Without hesitation, the disciple from the Fang clan threw a handful of crystal fragments at Zen. Then he turned and fled without saying anything.

Zen shook his head. He didn't want to rob others, but it seemed like recently, many people were trying to rob him.

He collected the crystal fragments.

There were 20 green crystal fragments and seven yellow crystal fragments!

It looked like the robbery was a quick and convenient way to finish the test. Zen was tempted. Compared to the effort of killing phantom beasts one by one, snatching was obviously more efficient. But he soon gave up the idea.

The ultimate purpose of giving the Blooded Test was to challenge and improve himself. He would never give up the opportunity to refine himself.

However, if others tried to rob him, Zen decided not to let them go.


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