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(Organ refining level (2)

The crowd parted and a middle-aged man stepped out. He had a charming face, was dressed in brilliant white and moved with the grace of an immortal.

"Bryson Luo!"

spat Zen frowning when he saw the man approaching.

Right at that moment, his oldest uncle, Bryson, was the last person he wanted to face. Bryson was the mastermind behind his father's death. His younger uncle Ken was just an accomplice.

With Bryson's appearance, an obvious strain fell over the yard. Zen bent his knees slightly, putting every muscle and bone in his body on alert.

Bryson had achieved a level far above the marrow refining level. He hadn't reached the nature level yet, but Bryson was only half a step until he reached it!

Zen just reached the level of organ refining. There was the whole marrow refining level between them!

It was an unbridgeable gap, and they weren't in the same league.

But Zen wasn't about to give up!

If he didn't have it in him to fight, he would have caved two years ago.

Fate had pitied him, giving Zen one chance to turn his life around. He wouldn't die here. Zen had to seize the opportunity. Zen frantically pumped himself up. His desire to survive flared up inside him.

Zen remained silent as he took a deep breath. Without any preamble he mustered all his strength and broke into a desperate run.

But, before he could get even a 20-foot lead, a sword covered in a purple light shot out of the sky in front of him and cut deeply into the earth, blocking his way.

Twisting to avoid the sword, Zen changed direction in a flash, but, as he did, another sword appeared in front of him. One after another sword plunged into the earth, blocking his way, and forcing him to step back.

The expression on Zen's face was grim as he was forced to back up until he was in the spot he was before. When a person reached the nature level, life energy itself could be harnessed. Since Bryson was only half a step into the nature level, he was unable to control the life energy very well. But, the force of the energy he managed was already horrifying.

With his hands clasped casually behind him, Bryson said, "I spared your life so your branch of the family line could continue. But, apparently you don't know how to behave yourself. You wounded your uncle and tried to flee from your clan. Since you want death so badly, here it is!"

All around swords that had been plunged into the earth swirled up into the air and shot in Zen's direction. Surrounded by swords, Zen's eyes widened.

Even though his defense was as hard as a mysterious weapon, Bryson could shred him to pieces as easily as a knife could go through paper.

'How could he die here, like this?' he wondered as frustration and anger welled up inside him.

Just then, Ken broke in, "Bryson, don't kill him! Not yet."

Bryson halted the swords inches from their target, and asked, "Why?"

"The kid must have had some special experience. His body is much stronger than ordinary men. And you realize, Perrin and Andrew used Magical Pills so that they can refine faster than normal speed, but even they couldn't compare with him."

Bryson aimed one sword in between Zen's eyes, and emotionlessly asked, "So, what is your secret?"

Zen sneered. If he was doomed to die here, why should he tell them? He wouldn't say a word.

At that point, the plaque hanging over the door of Luo house exploded. A bronze furnace fell from the sky, crashing to the ground with a deafening clatter. The Luo children automatically covered their ears to shut out the terrible noise.

The furnace hurtled down the steps, sending all the children shrieking as they took off sprinting in every direction.

"Who did this?"

Bryson snorted. All the swords changed targets and shot at the furnace that was rolling.

Bang! Boom! Bang! Clang!

Purple swords hit the furnace, slicing into it, each making a sharp, cracking sound. But the furnace kept hurdling closer, not slowing.

When it reached the foot of the steps, it stopped and made an odd spin on the spot. Then it rolled at Zen. Seeing this, Bryson cursed and turned to grasp at Zen.

The furnace was faster though. When it got close to Zen, a scrawny hand shot out and dragged him inside the metal hull.

"You are not going anywhere!" Watching as Zen was taken by the man inside the furnace, Bryson reached out and caught the furnace by the rim, stopping it on the spot.

Suddenly, the scrawny hand struck again, this time it thrust at Bryson like a sharp talon.

Bryson reacted quickly, backhanding the appendage coming at him. The two hands collided, and the recoil sent Bryson stumbling back several steps.

Bryson's face darkened. "Evil Lan?"

Almost immediately an old man leaned out of the furnace. He was extremely thin, his bones standing out against the sunken skin.

His head sticking out of the furnace, Evil Lan laughed, "Ha! Very lucky! Very lucky! This boy has a special scent. A scent that smells just like the weapons I built.

He will make the perfect material for my weapon. I will take this boy!"

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