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(Organ refining level(1)

"This is how you talk to your elders? Where are your manners, Zen?" chided one of the elders frowning.

"Hold your tongue!" Zen snapped, "When my father was killed, the third, fourth, fifth branches… the entire Luo Clan, what were you doing? My father was good to all of you, always. How can you be so ungrateful? All of you were accomplices in his murder!"

announced Zen in a sharp, angry tone. His grievance had simmered for two years, turning to hatred in the darkest recesses of his hardened heart. And now, it was erupting. His eyes were full of icy disdain as he took a long look around the place. As his gaze met each person there, they turned their heads or looked down to avoid his gaze.

Ken didn't want to talk about this anymore. "Cut the crap, brat. Let's get down to business. Tell you what, turn over the refining method, and I promise you will have a quick and painless death.

Your body will remain whole, and you can even have a plot in our clan graveyard. How does that sound to you?" he threatened. The next moment numerous hair-like lines of purple light lit up on his arms, scattering into the air.

"You want to know my refining method? Ha! Dream on!" With that, Zen kicked off hard against the arena's edge to propel himself into a sprint. It seemed his only choice would be to fight his way out, since he wouldn't be able to walk out of here.

Although Zen was fast, Ken was faster. He was after all a famous expert, and he was able to remain at the organ refining level for a long time. He moved swiftly, with a purple shadow. He stopped Zen easily. "You are too green, boy. There is no way for you to escape. I'll give you another chance to turn over your refining method! Or I will make you wish you were never born, but, you will suffer before that! Then, when I am finished, I tear you to pieces and burn you until you are nothing more than ashes."

"Fuck off!" replied Zen as he swung to punch Ken. As Zen's fist came closer, Ken brushed it aside effortlessly, avoiding the brunt of the punch.

As he did, Ken twisted to land dozen of blows over Zen's torso.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom! Boom ..." Being much stronger than the Luo children, the swing Ken took at Zen came at a far greater force.

A man fighting at the level of organ refining had three times the strength of those at bone refining level.

Thee terrifying force as the fist slammed into Zen flooded his body. Within a few seconds pain turned into a familiar warm current, and even though his body was transforming the power lightning fast, there were too many powerful punches and they exceeded Zen's limit.

The untransformed forces were damaging him.


Zen screeched as his body was thrown to the ground. As he rolled and got to his feet, Zen spat out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing that Zen was able to get to his feet even after the clobbering Ken just gave, made his heart jump. "Amazing! Your skills in self-protection are amazing. Just tell us how, and I might let you live."

"Ha! Why would I believe you? Lying comes as easy as farts slip out for a man like you. I would never believe a word that falls out of your mouth." Zen countered while trying to steady his labored breathing. There was an incredible sensation of relief filling his body. It was as if the beatings Zen took from Andrew and Ken had washed the impurities out of his bones completely.

After a month of beatings, Zen had reached the summit of the bone refining level, and lately, he noticed that his progress had slowed down. Day after day he was becoming stronger which meant the demand for that warm current kept increasing. Very soon those children's beatings wouldn't be able to satisfy his body.

Now, the beating he just received was turning into a warm current, flooding his body and washing out what remained of the impurities in his bones.

Every bone was refined and strengthened.

Savoring the spiritual feeling, he became re-invigorated as though he was in tune with his bones and each of them was at his command. As his bones became refined and stronger, Zen's breathing changed too. Every inhalation and exhalation now took half time more than before. He now could take a very long breath. With each breath, his body was cleansing itself.

This was the sign he had achieved the level of organ refining!

As the strong power rushed through his body, his heart was singing with joy, but he managed to keep a straight face, giving nothing away.

"Well, you are a tough one! Let's see how well you hold up with a few hours of interrogation." Closing in on Zen again, Ken intended to capture him this time. At that moment, things took an unexpected turn.

The instant Ken got close enough, Zen's fist shot out as fast as a lightning bolt at Ken.

The blow came out of the blue, catching Ken full in the face.

When Zen entered the organ refining level, he gained better control of his bones and was able to summon more strength than earlier. But since Ken was unaware of it, he underestimated Zen's capability.

The blow Zen delivered sent Ken flying back 30 feet. He landed heavily on the floor and rolled several times before he was able to regain his balance and scramble back to his feet.

"You! You are in the organ refining level!" said Ken while pressing his hand tightly against his chest and blood gushed out of his mouth. There was disbelief written all over his face.

Zen sneered coldly at him.
Glancing over at the rest of the men, he challenged, "Who else dares to try and stop me?"

Standing straighter, Zen no longer masked his power.

Silence fell over the yard; no one moved or even breathed for fear of making a sound.

Since Ken was no match for him, who else could stand a chance?
From a corner came a voice, "I dare," someone said, "and will."


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