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(Fatal blow(2)

The more he thought about it, the more certain Andrew became that his only alternative was to use a secret weapon to deal with Zen! Andrew took out a small box from his pocket. It was the size of a clapper. It was engraved with a trail of glittering symbols. He aimed the front of the box at Zen and quickly pressed the trigger behind the box.

At the same time, Andrew roared, "Go to hell!"

When Andrew took out the small box, Zen was startled. As the former young master of the Luo Clan, he knew that the box was the Thunder Rob Halberd, one of the best defensive weapons in the family!

It was a secret weapon made by a talisman. A powerful thunderbolt was sealed inside the Thunder Rob Halberd.

It could deliver an instant kill to the enemy with a surprise attack.

But it was meant for single use only. It was most certainly very expensive. Thus, it was given to the younger generation of the family for personal defense.

'Andrew is so sinister and vicious that he will attack me with such a nasty thing when desperate.' Zen thought. Strong as his body was, he would never be spared by the Thunder Rob Halberd.

Just as this thought flashed through Zen's mind, a thunder halberd formed, and lightning burst out of the Thunder Rob Halberd. It was headed straight for Zen.

Zen nimbly rolled on the ground at the critical moment to dodge the attack. The lightning released from the Thunder Rob Halberd flashed over his head with a deafening crackling sound, burning a few strands of his hair.

Then, a slave outside the arena screamed. The thunder halberd had hit him. Instantly, a fierce fire spread across his body. The fire turned the slave to ashes.

Everyone paled at the sight of the slave's misery. Andrew had gone too far this time. His Thunder Rob Halberd could have hit anyone in the arena. What if it hadn't hit the slave, but it hit a Luo child instead? Andrew had never taken the lives of the rest of the Luo family seriously.

Zen rose from the ground. His face was stony and cold. He clenched his fist and said, "You have been hitting me for so long. Are you satisfied? It is my turn, right?"

"No!" Seeing the sudden power change in the arena, Ken Luo screamed and jumped down from the high stands.

He had discovered the anomalies of Zen's body. It had to be a conspiracy that helped Zen live for so long.

Unfortunately, though Ken Luo was fast, he had to travel a long distance to get to the arena. The time it took for Ken to get there was sufficient for Zen to pounce on Andrew and attack him.

"Purple Fist Strength!"

Before Andrew could process what had happened, Zen punched him. The punch hit key parts of Andrew's body. The muffled sounds of seven instantaneous explosions came from Andrew's body.

"Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang."

After the muffled sounds, seven areas on Andrew's body began to bleed. Zen had aimed for the roots of both arms and legs, as well as other important parts.

These injuries would not endanger Andrew's life, but he wouldn't be able to cultivate for the rest of his life. Just one fist!

The arrogant second young master of the Luo Clan had been defeated by one attack.

Silence engulfed the arena.

Who would have thought that a slave who had been beaten randomly for the past two years would have such great strength?

Some of the Luo children who had offended Zen during his time as a slave shuddered as a chill traveled down their backs. They thought Zen was weak and allowed himself to be bullied. They didn't expect that he concealed such great strength.

'He defeated Andrew with only one fist. What if he attacks me?' they thought.

Andrew's expression turned to complete disbelief. He had thought that Zen was like a three-year-old child before him given his strength at the bone refining level. Andrew had assumed it would be very easy to defeat him. How could he have been so wrong? He had taken the Magical Pill, and his cultivation speed was infinitely superior to Zen's...

Andrew's legs felt weak, and he fell to the ground. Ken rushed to him and scooped Andrew in his arms. "Andrew, my son! Are you all right?"

"I don't hurt important organs. He won't die." Zen mumbled.

Ken raised his head. His gentle and elegant face was now twisted with rage. He pointed at Zen and said, "Why did you hurt my son, you wicked little bastard?"

"Uncle Ken, everyone knows that a battle is dangerous. This is a death match. We are supposed to be fighting till one of us dies. You should know better than me how slaves have injured Luo children in the arena in the past!"

Zen continued solemnly, "now that I have won against Andrew Luo, according to family rules, I am no longer a slave. I am free to leave the Luo residence!"

"Ha ha ha. I've been kind enough to let you live for all these years. I haven't expected you to grow to this level." Ken stopped long enough to help Andrew stand. Then he laughed and continued, "Do you think I'm going to let you go? Don't even think about it!"

Zen's face fell. He said, "Uncle Ken, according to the Clan's rules, if I win during the fight, I will be free."

"Rules?" A sneer replaced the anger on Ken's face. He taunted Zen," Only your good-for-nothing father would act according to the Clan's rules. I'll tell you who makes the rules now. Me! I make the rules in the Luo Clan!"

Zen's face convulsed with rage when he heard what his uncle had to say.

He had longed to kill the man standing in front of him for what Ken had done to Zen's family. However, he had reminded himself to be patient and to wait for the right moment.

Because he knew that his strength was insufficient to avenge his father's death. To achieve this goal, Zen needed to leave the Luo Clan. He needed practice and sufficient time to grow stronger!

Zen had pinned his hopes on Family Practicing Day. He had thought that he would win in the death match and then claim his freedom. It had never crossed his mind that Ken Luo was going to cheat him at this crucial time.

He had endured for such a long time, that these cruel words from his uncle dashed all of Zen's hopes. He thought over all the suffering he had endured over the past two years before breaking out into an angry laugh.

"Blame me for being naive and childish. It is ridiculous that I believed that you, such a despicable person, would abide by the rules of the family. I was silly to think that you will be merciful and that you will remember that I'm one of the Luo Clan and care of me.

You killed your older brother, usurped power, and took the holy medicine for yourself illegally. You committed all kinds of crimes. You don't deserve to be called human! You are a bastard! One day, I will cut off your head with my own hands and avenge my father!"

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  1. Wow,i love this episode it's good that Andrew ll not be able to cultivate anymore



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