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His uncles had left him unchecked for all these years. It wasn't because they were being merciful. It was simply because they didn't see him as a threat. Making Zen a punchbag also gave them the satisfaction that Zen wasn't getting any practice. On the contrary, the beatings would weaken, or even kill him over time. This was why he had stayed in the Luo Clan for all this time.

Zen was quite aware that if he were to fight back, his uncles would not hesitate to kill him.

"However, you helped us get even with Grey. We don't approve of that old man. And his actions have only gotten more evil over time." Melvin said with a suggestive smile.

Except the second and third branches of the Luo Clan, all other children secretly admired Zen for standing up to a bully like Grey.

While the other children in the Martial Arts Hall had not openly thanked Zen, they agreed with what Melvin had said. The years that followed the coup in the Luo Clan were not very happy ones.

The behavior of the two branches could only be described as evil. A substantial deduction had been made in the various monthly allowances for the collateral relatives. Even the quantity of drugs for practicing and refining had been reduced. A few servants had become arrogant toward the Luo Clan members as well.

Almost all of the good things were being given to Perrin and Andrew. It was no doubt that other Luo children would feel mistreated.

Everyone now yearned for the time when Zen's father was the head of the Clan. At that time, the Clan system was very rigid. Although strict, Zen's father was fair.

There wasn't much intrigue in the Luo Clan, nor did anyone dare to take advantage of situations. Servants were not rude to other people either.

It was a pity that the new branches ruling the Luo Clan were not as fair and disciplined.

This kind of nostalgia remained in the heart of the children in the Luo Clan. They were afraid to talk with each other about it for fear of a falling out between the families. They also didn't want to leave evidence of discontent that could be used against them for fear of being punished by established rules.

Over these past two years, the Luo Clan had certainly waned! Zen had plans. He knew that if presented with the chance, he would gather his strength and grow his power to be able to clean the Clan of these "rotten" members.



In front of the magnificent mansion of the third branch of the Luo Clan, Grey stood with his head wrapped in gauze. So wounded was he that only his nose, eyes, and mouth could be seen.

A thudding sound was heard as he dramatically fell to his knees. With a low snarl, he cried out, "Master Andrew, rule in my favor please!"

A teenager dressed in cyan leant back in his chair at Grey's pitiful cry. Andrew was the second young master of the Luo Clan. He was a handsome man but, extremely arrogant and self-conceited.

"I heard that you wanted Zen to be your servant so that he could take care of your diet." Andrew tilted his head and laughed at the ludicrous idea.

"Master Andrew, it's not true ..." Grey denied with a feigned sob.

Andrew Luo did not listen to Grey's explanation. Instead, he laughed, "Although Zen's family was discredited and he was demoted to the position of a slave, he is still a Luo. You forgot that he was once the young master of the Luo Clan. It would be inappropriate if I, the second young master of the Luo Clan were to ask him to be my slave.

You are a fool to think you could do such a thing and not face repercussions. Did you burn your brain with a high fever? You deserved the beating."

Grey kowtowed in front of Andrew humbly before continuing to defend his actions. "Master Andrew, I admit I might have been at fault, but you have to help me and judge in my favor ..." As Grey feigned more tears, he made an inconspicuous gesture.

Within moments, a middle-aged woman rushed to his side. She quietly knelt next to Grey.

The middle-aged woman was Grey's wife. She had been Andrew's nanny ever since the death of his biological mother in his early childhood. Andrew had a very good relationship with Grey's wife. They were almost as close as a natural mother and son.

"Auntie, you do not need to kneel down. Please, stand. Grey, you may stand as well!" Andrew waved his hand as he spoke.

"Master Andrew, you agreed?" Grey's voice showed a hint of excitement.

Andrew stood from his chair and took a few steps before stopping and speaking, "Cousin Perrin said that he didn't kill Zen because he wanted Zen to see how strong our families would be. However, Zen is not important at all. With cousin Perrin preparing to leave for Cloud Sect, I will help Perrin to dispose of Zen!"

Grey understood what Andrew was going to do. The bandages around Grey's mouth stretched as he grinned in satisfaction. He exclaimed, "Thank you so much, Master Andrew!"

"But, we need to wait and solve this at a later time," Andrew said as he placed his hand on his forehead. He turned to Grey and continued, "I just took the last Magical Pill. It is important for me to practice after taking the pill. It is the only way the pill will be able to refine and clean my body. How about we take revenge on Family Practicing Day? I will choose Zen as my opponent during the death match held that day. Then I will have the perfect opportunity to kill him with my own hands."

An evil smile grew on Andrew's face at the thought of getting even with Zen.

Family Practicing Day was an important occasion as on that day, the skills of all the children would be inspected by the elders of the Luo Clan.

At the same time, Family Practicing Day also presented a good opportunity for slaves.

If the slaves survived the death matches held on Family Practicing Day, they would be granted their freedom.

Even the most lowly slaves desired their freedom. If the Luo Clan did not offer them an opportunity to regain their freedom, slaves would soon crumble under the hopelessness of their situation. They would have no incentive to live through the daily beatings at the Martial Arts Hall.

By setting this rule, all slaves gained a trace of hope. They struggled through their daily monotony, hoping to live despite the terrible beatings as eventually, Family Practicing Day would come and they would have a real chance to secure their freedom.

However, the nature of the death match was not fair. Since salves were beaten every day, they suffered from various injuries and diseases. They stood no chance when attacked by healthy and well-trained elite children of the Luo Clan.

A lot of slaves had died on Family Practicing Day in the past. In the meantime, the Luo children's skills and abilities were tested on that day and the best ones would be rewarded with different prizes. Therefore, every Luo child would definitely try their best to win the match.

"Good idea, Master Andrew. So be it. Let that kid live another month!" Grey kowtowed before Andrew a few more times before quickly standing. Beneath the several layers of medicated gauze, Grey's eyes shone with intensity and hatred.

When Andrew left, the middle-aged woman turned to plead with Grey. "Zen is a poor teenager. Why do you have to force him to his death? He should not have hit you, I agree. But teaching him a little lesson is enough. You don't have to kill him."

Grey snorted when he heard his wife. He glared at her as he replied, "You are just a woman! You don't know anything except petty kindness."

Scolded by her husband, the middle-aged woman cowered. She tried to respond, but had nothing to say. Finally, she closed her mouth and bowed her head.

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