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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 43~🌹

Amelia's POV 🌹

‘B...Bryan...Bryan please don't do anything stupidly I beg of you'..I held Bryan as he tried standing up..

‘Please leave me alone Amelia,I just want to...I just want to be alone'..He stuttered and I could hear the fear in his icy voice.

‘It's all my fault Amelia,there's no saving me from this one it's all my fault'..He hugged me very tight and I felt his salty tears on my shoulder..

This wasn't what I signed up for but he doesn't deserve to go through problems like this especially now..

‘Just take things slow Bryan and it's noticed your fault okay?? You just acted on impulse and I don't blame you for it okay??'..I also started crying and patted him on the pack..

Mrs Lodge came out from the bathroom and when she saw the both of us crying she instantly took the signal and slumped immediately..

‘Bryan your mom!! Doctor!!'..I screamed at the top of my voice and they took her away..

I quickly noticed Connor passing by with a smirk on his face but decided not to alert Bryan of anything...

Sooner or later I have to tell him the truth but right now I just need to be here for the Lodges.

Bryan's POV 🌹

A month later ♥️
I stood in front of my Father's marble engraved gravestone and sighed deeply as I dropped a bunch of flowers on it..

‘You know it's the third time you've been here this week'..Amelia smiled as she walked towards me with her protruding belly and I smiled back..

Just three months left and our baby would finally be added to this world..

At least that's something I'm looking forward to since my father died..

’Uhh the...the lawyers want to see you Bryan, it's time for the will reading'..She said and my brows perked up..

‘I'm not interested in any of the will reading'..

‘Well you should be because Connor is causing a scene right now at your house'..


Minutes Later ♥️
‘What in the bloody hell is going on here?!!'..I yelled as I entered the house only to see my aunt's and uncles and then also Connor who had a very stupid smile on his face .

‘Hello brother,I'm here to take what's rightfully mine'..He replied and I scoffed loudly..

‘You're here to take what's yours?? The last time I checked you wanted nothing to do with this family and now father is dead,now you want what's rightfully yours??'..

‘Just shut up and let the lawyer read the will Bryan'..He rolled his eyes..

‘Okay now that everyone's here let's begin—My house in Crenshaw and all the cars in it goes to my beloved brother Hiram Lodge, the soda factory and all the shares and stocks will be shared among my sisters and also the house in Miami would be as a vacation spot for all their families—My beloved daughter in-law,Amelia...You are one lady I really admire and for your admiration of my art collection in my mancave i leave to you my art gallery in Limerick and a whopping sum of a million dollars..... To my son Connor,I know he's dead but in case of any offspring he might have i leave to them the company and everything else belongs to my own son Bryan, including all my money and other properties'...

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