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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 28~🌹

Amelia's POV cont'd 🌹

‘But like have you tried being nice to her?? Maybe tried forming a connection with her somehow or someway??'..I asked turning around to look at him but he just wasn't smiling..

‘I just can't forgive her for what she did to me Amelia,I just can't'..He said..

‘What did she do to you?? What exactly did she do to you Bryan I wanna know'..I asked again and absentmindedly placed my hands on his chest..

‘It's something that's really personal and I don't like talking about it,go to sleep'..He stood up and raked his hair..

That's one thing I just don't get about him..

One minute he's so calm and the next he just pulls away..

Mrs Lodge must have really done something to hurt him to the extent of him hating her so so much and wouldn't even talk about his past..

‘I was hoping if you're up for a movie tonight,you know?? To ease up the tension that clearly filling up this room'..I suggested..

‘I'm not in the mood,go to sleep Amelia you've got class tomorrow''..He sighed and I pouted my lips..

This family is way more complicated than I expected..

Connor's POV 🌹

‘You have been using this app to have s*x with girls around your age without them knowing you and I think it's time you stopped Connor'..Annalisa groaned as I walked into the house half drunk..

‘And how is that your....

‘I am your girlfriend!!!'...

‘Well it's a non exclusive relationship!!'..

‘Still doesn't mean you should sleep with every single person on that app?? By the way I heard your brother is married now'..She scoffed and I frowned deeply as she showed me the picture..

‘Wait it's her!! I know her!!'..

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