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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 23~🌹

Bryan's POV 🌹

At the office 🌟
‘Good morning Mr Bryan,Good morning Mr Bryan'.. The staffs paid their courtesy as I walked into the building where my future laid..

My face was beaming with smiles as the female staffs lewdly winked at me even though the reputation of being a jerk was something they knew already..

‘Good morning sir I'm Brenda your personal—

‘My PA blah,blah,blah I totally get it now why is this ugly rug in my office??'..I interrupted her pointing at the very much ugly rug in the middle of the room..

‘Uhh okay then I'll request for a change of interior decor that—

‘I don't want a bloody change I want the goddamned thing removed from my office this instant!'..I yelled so loud that she scurried away in tears..

‘First day of resuming as the boss of this small settlement and you're yelling at the poor staff? Very typical of you Bryan Lodge'..Mom commented as she walked into my office..

‘What are you doing here Magdalene??'..

‘Well I'm the supervising director of—

‘Wait what?! Dad said I was director and he clearly didn't inform me about any supervising director?!!'..I said..

‘Well here i am and I'll be supervising every single action you take'..She replied in her cold hearted voice and I groaned..

‘Screw you mother!!'..

Amelia's POV 🌹

At Night 🌃
I watched on as Bryan paced back and forth wearing only pajama pants and couldn't help moping over how handsome he was..

Self control Amelia..

‘Okay your anger is clearly affecting my reading and I've got a presentation so what's up??'..I asked finally shutting my laptop down..

‘Go to sleep Amelia it's none of your concern'..he said..

‘I am your wife so it's pretty much my concern'..I countered but he clearly wasn't in the mood for any of my jokes..

‘Look here I'm not in the mood for any childish bickering of—

‘Bickering?!! I'm clearly trying to help here!!'..

‘Well take your help and shove it down Connor O'Brien's throat!! Just back off Amelia and I mean it!'..He screamed at me and I clenched my fists lightly..

‘You want to get angry?? Well get angry you piece of crap!! That's all you do anyway! You yell and yell and at the end of it nothing happens!!'..

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