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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 19~🌹

Bryan's POV 🌹

‘So how is she?? Your wife I mean'..Mom asked as she walked into my study with a grim look on her face..

Oh Brother here we go again..

‘She is perfectly fine and why do you care??'..I replied folding my arms.

‘Well because I am soon to be a grandmother, it's mandatory I take care of my daughter in-law isn't that so??'..She said.

‘You don't care about anyone but yourself Mom so spill the beans on why you're really here'..I snapped and she sighed deeply.

‘The Dean called,Amelia got into a fight with some girls'.


Amelia's POV 🌹

I groaned lightly as the driver stopped the car in front of the house and just for salt to be added to my wounds Bryan was standing outside looking very pissed off..

‘Look I can—

‘You got into a fight??'..He snarled and I rolled my eyes..

‘Look it wasn't a fight,it was more of a beating—Well it was more of me doing the beating'..I explained.

‘Amelia should I point out to you that—

‘I am a Lodge and blah,blah blah.Look I get it and I'm sorry okay!!'..I yelled irritably.

’That wasn't what I was going to say!! I was going to point out the fact that you're pregnant with my baby!! With my baby Amelia!'..He yelled back.

‘The child isn't even...Oh fine I'm sorry gosh you're even more words when angry'..I quickly caught my words and turned to leave but he stopped me..

‘You are under my name and the child is mine Amelia,whether you hate me or not you are under my protection and I don't want you causing anymore trouble is that clear??'..He whispered and I kept my mouth grimly shut..

‘Amelia is that clear to you?!'..


‘Good,now go get changed we're going out'..He ordered.

‘Out?? To where??'..

‘Just get changed alright??'..

Hours later ♥️
‘Baby shopping?? We're going baby shopping?!'..I bursted into laughter the moment the car stopped in front of a baby store..

‘What's so funny about baby shopping??'..Bryan asked.

‘The baby is only 12 weeks old so why bother about such things??'..I replied as he helped me out of the car..

‘Hey I'm bored okay and i seriously need a break so what better way to waste your time?? Baby shopping'..He said and I kind of smiled at him..

‘You act like a jerk but somehow you're all goey goey inside'..I muttered.

‘Don't ever all me soft Amelia,now let's go get some diapers'..He replied and I smiled again..

This might not be so bad after all..

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