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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 18~🌹

Amelia's POV cont'd 🌹

I gulped hard as I changed into a simple nightdress and came out of the dressing room only to see Bryan shirtless on the bed with his laptop..

We might be both young but goddamnit he's got the body of a demigod or something.

‘Stop staring at my abs and go to sleep'..He said and I let out a snort..

‘I wasn't staring at you I was only admiring the painting over your coconut head'..

‘You are a terrible liar,go to sleep you've got college tomorrow'..He said and closed the laptop.

‘Huh?? College?? But i—

‘Just because you're married doesn't mean you'd just flunk school Amelia,I might be a terrible jerk but I also know the importance of education'..He crossed his arms.

‘But you are flunking school aren't you??'..

‘No i am taking online business classes just as I handle the family business, it's a Lodge perk really'..He replied as I slipped under the bed covers.

‘Hmmm goodnight'.

‘Good night'..

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Tell us what it's like Amy!!'..Lucy hollered just as I walked into the cafeteria and my eyes beamed..

Lucy Hale has never even talked to me before and now she wants me to join her..

‘What are you talking about??'..I asked.

‘Ohh come on you know what we're talking about,you're a Lodge now aren't you and you're carrying what the media tags as the BILLIONAIRE'S BABY'..She said and I couldn't help but feel guilty and nauseous.

Only if they knew the child isn't for Bryan but instead it's for a guy I had a one night stand with with the name Connor O'Brien...

Oh God i hate this so so much.

‘Well being a Lodge is normal and—

‘No we're talking about your wedding night with Bryan Lodge, he's the hottest guy in campus and he's your husband so how was the s*x?? Rough and dirty or slow and steady??'..She asked..

Oh what is wrong with these people??!.

‘Uh it was slow and dirty'..I lied and their eyes lit up like predators.

‘Ohh my you're so lucky babe'..Lucy said but I know what she was going through..

She doesn't like me?.

None of them like me and I'm pretty sure they're plotting ways to get Bryan,not like I care but still..

‘So when can we come visit?? You know for the baby shower and all?'..Lucy asked and I clenched my fists..

‘Back off my man bit*h,if I see you anywhere near him I'll rip your eyes apart and that's a promise'.

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