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💛❤️<<Searching For Connor O'Brien>>❤💛

🌹~It all began with a one night stand~🌹

🌹~Episode 17~🌹

Bryan's POV 🌹

A month later ♥️
‘By the power vested in me by God and man I now pronounce you man and wife'..The priest announced and everyone in the church cheered on.

‘You may now kiss the—

‘Is that really necessary?'..I cut him off immediately and grabbed Amelia's arm,then we both walked out of the church with people's cheers behind us..

‘So what's next??'..She asked as we entered the car.

‘What do you mean??'..

‘What's next for us Bryan? I'm your wife now am I not??'..She asked again and I snickered lightly.

‘Yes you are my wife and your baby is a billionaire baby'.

‘Yeah and it requires nine months have you forgotten?!'.She snapped back and I nodded at the driver who stole stupid glances at us..

‘We act like a normal happy couple Amelia,my father doesn't care if it's an arranged marriage or not but the media does.Very soon I'll be 24 and Lodge empire would be in my power as my father retires,you'll stay in the house and you'll be very well taken care of until the child is born'..I explained and she scoffed loudly.

‘You make it sound like my baby is an abomi—

‘Our baby Amelia and don't you forget it, it's our baby'.

Amelia's POV 🌹

At Night 🌃
Bryan and I got home even though I was against it cause a very big reception party was planned for us and we weren't going to be there only because he was tired..

‘Where is my room??'..I asked.

‘We'll share a room sweet heart'..He replied and I flinched..

‘What?!! There is no way I'm sharing a room with you!'..

‘Well you don't expect the both of us to sleep on different rooms do you?? Don't bother or fret I have to desire to sleep with a pregnant girl'..He blurted out loudly and I laughed out heartily..

‘The last thing I even want is to even sleep with you!! You're clearly not even my type'.

‘Hmmmm really?? We'll see about that'..He whispered into my ear and I felt a tingling sensation under my toes.

‘What are you doing??'.i asked as he wrapped his arms around mine..

How can someone so young be this good at manipulating??..

‘Go to sleep wifey,you've got a long marriage ahead of you'..

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