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💜💜(The mistake that changed her life)💜💜

💜🤰Episode 2💜🤰

Elsa's POV cont'd 💜

Murmurs and murmurs all focused on me raved around the whole basketball court as I sat down ready for the morning assembly...

‘Did Chase literally just tell bubblegum girl that she's looking good??'..

‘OMG this is going into my Snapchat,hashtag disappointed face'..

‘She is so damn Lucky'..

This is the problem with Cleaville Prep..

The students here prefer being in love with some Kpop idol and Chase rather than being focused in school..

‘The gods have really shone upon you gurlie'.. Tanisha joked as she sat next to me and I frowned..

‘I am surprised he talked to me but what I don't get is why it's such a big deal in the whole—

‘Are you freaking kidding me?? He's like a god here but that aside,who are you taking with you to his party??'...She asked..

‘What party are you even talking about??'..I replied and she rolled her eyes..

‘Ugghh I feel like I have to tell you everything,every time at the begining of a new school year Chase holds a party in his parents mansion and this year it's going to be so freaking lit'..

‘But I wasn't invited'..

‘Ohhh darling,everyone is invited to his parties'...

I doubt if my mom would even allow me to go to any party..

She's always warning me about how boys tend to take advantage of girls at parties and is scared that I might be taken advantage of too..

Minutes Later ♥️
‘Mom!! Tanisha and I have study practice!! I'm coming home late!!'..I said aloud as I walked down the stairs with my real party clothes inside my bag...

‘Be back by 8!!'..She hollered from the room and when I went outside my door i was shocked to the core.

‘Cha... Chase what are you...what are you doing here??'..I asked kinda surprised and creeped out as well and he flashed a charming smile at me..

‘You're my date to the party Elsa'.

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  1. Uhn uhn ,This story is really interesting ,Am so much in love with it ♥️.



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