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💜💜(The mistake that changed her life)💜💜

💜🤰Episode 1💜🤰

Elsa's POV 💜

‘First day of senior year and I look like crap Mom!'..I cried out as I walked out of the bathroom looking like a character from the Trolls world tour..

‘Honey you look great,your hair just needs a little adjusting that's all'..She replied and brushed my hair down to the most beautiful ponytail..

I'm Elsa Martinez and my mom is Angelica Martinez..

I'm not really familiar with my roots and I have never met my father because he left my mom years ago..

She was about my age when she gave birth to me which is 17 and had to drop out of schoolT just to take care of me..

She is the strongest person I have ever met and she is my best friend...

‘Honey won't you have dinner??'..She asked as I rushed down the stairs..

‘Nah I'm not really interested...Cassy come down were gonna be late!!'..I replied and yelled after my 12 year old sister who irritates the hell out of me..


My mother made two mistakes..

One was getting pregnant in highschool and the second was getting pregnant for an abusive second boyfriend who was actually willing to take care of my mother but she had to run for her life..

He comes over to see Cassy once in a while but apart from that we have no other person backing us up..

An Hour Later ♥️
‘You are rocking that ponytail gurlll!!!'..Tanisha,my second best friend said aloud in her usual Atlanta Georgia accent and i chuckled.

‘You aren't looking so bad yourself and guess what?? It's senior year'..

‘I know right and it's your opportunity to get it on with Chase Ashleigh'..she replied and I scoffed loudly..

‘He doesn't even know me,I have been sitting behind the dude in History class since freshman year and he hasn't even said a word to me,he's the star quarterback so I'm not really getting noticed'..

‘Hi Elsa,you're looking good today'..Speak of the devil,Chase walked past me and I felt like the heavens opened their doors of blessing on me..

Did Chase Ashleigh just say I'm looking good??!!..

What the f**k!!..

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